Quick Craft – Paper Roses

The shops are full of real and fake red roses in anticipation of Valentine’s Day and I really fancied a bunch in the kitchen BUT the prices at this time of year are eye watering (and I don’t like buying flowers out of season which have flown hundreds of miles to wilt on my windowsill) so I thought it would be nice to make some.

This is one of those quick five-minute filler crafts but they have been cheering me up nicely while I have been suffering from a strange achy joint virus which started in my fingertips and seems to be leaving via my toes.

We often make tissue paper flowers and you can use pipe cleaners or bendy straws as stems but this time we used green plant sticks as I wanted that upright rose look.

Ready cut tissue paper circles make things very easy but we didn’t have any left so we cut large pieces of tissue into squares, wrapped them around the top of the stem and sticky taped them into place before arranging the petals so they looked flowery. Bonus Boy enjoyed squeezing his petals into the stem for a bud effect ( he didn’t realise this is what he was doing but when he had a moan that his wasn’t ‘puffy’ enough, the idea of a bud cheered him up!) while Darling Girl decided that our cutting was too rough and roses shouldn’t have pointy petals so we rounded them off with scissors.

We think they are rather lovely!

Have you got any 5 minute quick craft ideas or something seasonal to share? If so do pop along tomorrow morning and add them to the Something for the Weekend Linky!

For more play ideas do visit Red Ted Art’s Get Crafty , Nurture Store’s Play Academy and Delicious Ambiguity’s Tot Tuesdays









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8 responses to “Quick Craft – Paper Roses

  1. Aaah these are indeed lovely… especially nice to have some v-craft that isn’t just hearts for a change (though love hearts too of course!)

    Can’t wait for Love Get Crafty next week… will be sure to include you!

    Maggy x

  2. RebaMc

    Loving these… I’ve got some green pipe cleaners that I now know what to do with! Off to look for some red ribbon🙂

  3. seasiderinthecity

    So sweet – reminds me of making tulips at school out of egg cartons and green plant sticks. I really need to find time do do this kind of stuff with my boy.

  4. A nice, easy idea! And definitely more affordable. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. I’m hoping to try my hand at some origami flowers for valentines day. Your flowers look very cheery!

  6. Definitely one for the Resource Centre me thinks!

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