The Gallery – Children

It seems no time at all to me that I was looking around to see them there, my first two, shadowing me wherever I went.

Two little boys whose babyhood seemed to stretch ahead of me forever.

Now, one is taller than me and I can no longer rest my chin on the head of the other.

I can feel them, leaving.

Me, and my shadows.

Written for Tara Cain’s wonderful photo gallery at Sticky Fingers


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25 responses to “The Gallery – Children

  1. Fabulous picture…. and I echo your sentiment!

    xx Jazzy

  2. That post has got to me…

    Right with you on this feeling. Oh to be able to rest my chin on his head again.

  3. As mum to a one and a three year old I spend most of my time bemoaning the fact that they never leave me alone. I won’t tonight. Gorgeous post x

  4. Oh what a gorgeous post, I always think about how I would just love a minutes peace, today I think I will stop thinking that. Oh you have brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful xx

  5. Abby

    Beautiful post and a lovely picture to go with it. x

  6. Gorgeous. And I really empathise with that feeling. My twelve year old is at that stage where he is becoming very independent, and the thought of him slowly growing away from is scary! Lovely post xxx

  7. A great take on the theme and a great photo.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Wow what a great picture. x

  9. I love this picture……i love the idea too. If I get the right shadow, i bet I’d look taller and slimmer!!!

  10. That’s gorgeous, and yes I have one taller than me now as well xx

  11. *sniff* what a lovely post x

  12. Oh what a bitter sweet post. They grow so fast, I miss the toddler years, but pride in my big girl helps mend the hurt.

  13. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Lovely words, and beautiful photo to go with them. And you’re right – childhood is really so fleeting, isn’t it? x

  14. Oh I coukd feel a little lump in my throat reading your post then! That’s so beautiful and poignant. Xx

  15. What a lovely succinct summation of what I’m feeling at the moment, my boy is slipping away from me, bitter sweet, just like this pic. Fab work.🙂

  16. Jen

    Awww, lovely take on the prompt, no, no, just a bit of fluff in my eye!! Jen

  17. Great picture and great words, C.🙂

  18. A lovely photo and such a wonderful post.

  19. very original take on the theme – love it.

  20. Clever….happy….sad….emotional! My LLC is 1 this week and you remind me to savor each moment!

  21. I sat in the doctors surgery alone today watching a harrassed mother with a toddler and a baby, and another doting mama with a firstborn of about six months. I smiled at them and wanted to say ‘I have babies too – I’m in your gang’. I wanted to say to them what an old lady said to me as I bumped the pram into the post office with 13 week old no1: ‘it’ll be gone in a blink of an eye – enjoy it’. It really does pass so quickly, doesn’t it? Sniff. xx

  22. Great interpretation😉 @Kahanka

  23. Oh gosh that is one powerful post in a picture.
    It makes me feel sad, i have two boys and i want to nuzzle them under my chin forever.


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