Loo Roll Ladybird – Quick Craft

‘Mummy can I make a ladybird?’ He’s holding a loo roll and looking at me with those huge eager eyes.

My eyes tell me it’s a caterpillar, it’s the wrong shape for a ladybird, we could paint several green and string them together… but I zip my lip.

‘Of course you can lovely, what do you need?’

‘Black paint, red paint and pipe cleaners please’

‘Do you know how many legs a ladybird has lovely?’

‘Six’ he sticks his tongue out to concentrate on his painting and I smile and zip my lip again and I stop interfering, make myself a cup of tea and watch him. He struggles a bit with the sticky tape dispenser and a handful of pipe cleaners but I wait until he asks for help.

‘He needs ten eye too Mummy.’

‘Ten eyes darling? They don’t have ten eyes do they?’

He waggles his fingers above his head and I get another pipe cleaner so he can make the ladybird’s antennae.

Job done. Parenting lesson learned (again!).

Bonus Boy came up with this all by himself but if you need some loo roll inspiration (we have a lot of loo rolls in this house!) Maggy at Red Ted Art has an ebook packed full of ideas all using a loo roll inner!

Happily shared with Red Ted Art, Nurturestore and Homeschool Creations


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12 responses to “Loo Roll Ladybird – Quick Craft

  1. So cool. I need to make me one of those🙂 x

  2. It is so hard to not interfere, isn’t it? One of the hardest learning curves I know in parenting. A lovely ladybird.

    • The big kids are very impressed with it which pleases him enormously! It is very hard not to interfere to try and ‘make it better’ but I know that if I do that he will go off the idea completely and I will be left holding a perfect piece of craft/art and no child to share it with…pointless and sad!

  3. Haha! Brilliant! A clever boy you have there too!

  4. I am always being told ‘yes mummy, I’ve already worked out how to do that’. I really love his ladybird, and the reminder to back off.

  5. I love it. I think we might get the paint out tonight after school and see what we come up with!

  6. Considering, as you say, it is not remotely the same shape as a ladybird, it’s actually weirdly convincing.

    Well done that boy!

  7. It’s a great post. Sometimes it is so hard to hold back, but look what happens when you do. So lovely!

  8. Oh yes, you have brought BB up well! He knows what he wants to do and how… no interfering from mum. Love the “Ten Eyes”. Brilliant!

    (And thank you for linking up!)

  9. This is an awesome TP craft–thank you for sharing it!!

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