Silent Sunday

Please Visit Thinly Spread’s Posterous for


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38 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Very atmospheric – love pictures of reflections.

  2. What can I say? Sensational! You are such a talent with that camera!

  3. Jenny paulin

    That is very beautiful and serene🙂

  4. curlyandcandid

    Absolutely stunning!

  5. Oh, fab photo – lovely reflection. x

  6. Stunning! Your photos of nature are always so beautiful.

  7. Oh lovely – I would love to be there for a nice big walk with puppy!

  8. What an amazing picture! I love it when you can get a great reflection shot!

  9. Wow! Is there no end to your talent? Beautiful. Would look great on the wall, so tranquil. x

  10. Oh! Oh, I do love trees!

  11. beautiful. you have a talent for reflections in photos🙂

  12. I did a reflection too on mine! There is just something so special about capturing such an image.

  13. That is such an atmospheric photo. Lovely xxx

  14. Michelle @utterlyscrummy

    Gorgeous pic, can really imagine yourself there. You take brilliant photos, just stunning xx

  15. Stunning pic. Loving the quality of the reflection.

  16. Perfect! I get the feeling you live near some stunning woodland/countryside from this and Friday’s link up. We are debating moving further out of town. Pics like this sell it to me!

  17. Jen

    lovely shot, love that the reflection is so perfect🙂 Jen

  18. A very lovely photo, so tranquil…

  19. Oh wow! I need to visit there, it looks so peaceful

  20. This looks so calming and peaceful. x

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