Winter Trees – Quick Craft

This is a quick and effective craft to do with children once they have got the idea of blowing out through a straw rather than sucking everything up it!

Drop a blob of ink or watered down paint (depending upon your mess/stain tolerance levels!) onto a sheet of non absorbent paper. Give the children a straw and let them blow!

Encourage them to blow all the ink blobs in different directions and follow the ink up the ‘branches’ and out into ‘twigs’ and even very young children can get effective results.

We loved that these look just like the stark winter trees and shrubs silhouetted against the sky line at this time of year! If you have a go at them do let us know, we’d love to see your results!

Happily shared with Red Ted Art’s Get Crafty

Update 17/01/11

We did our trees on lining paper stuck to the table with sticky tape. When they were dry and we lifted them off they refused to lie flat but rolled into tubes. Perfect for lanterns! I poked a few holes in this one and wrapped it around a tall jar then popped a night light inside…stars!


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14 responses to “Winter Trees – Quick Craft

  1. I loved doing this as a kid. I blame this activity for my love of japanese art and culture.

  2. VERY effective and VERY pretty. I think they look adorable. Can’t wait for my two to be old enough to have a go (I think Pip Squeak would try and suck up the paint and eat it, judging by past behaviour!!). Thanks for the link to😉

    Maggy x

  3. That would be a grat idea for christmas postcards!Just make it with green ink and add some ornaments with red ink and finger.Lovely!

  4. I remember doing this as a child too – it’s a technique which is particularly effective for winter trees though! Great idea.

  5. Very cool! The trees look great!

  6. We’ve never tried that. I think we may have some ink in the basement, so we’ll certainly give it a go sometime.

  7. I love working with inks! I recently tried a similar craft with my two using watercolors. The results were not good though. Either I didn’t water the paint down enough, I will try to make it thinner next time or it’s because I wasn’t patient enough with letting the background dry. I’ll have to try that too as well as the ink. We’ll get this fun technique down!

  8. I really love the way this turned out. I would want to frame that as artwork for my house.

  9. These are so beautiful. I really love them with the candles. We’ve used this technique to make fireworks too. Thanks for linking with the Play Academy xx

  10. I love this craft too, we did some cherry blossom trees, but I love your luminary idea, gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, and great to “meet” you!

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