Something For The Weekend!

If you missed it yesterday, I have decided I could not be parted from the idea of  Festive Friday so Welcome One and All to Something for the Weekend! (Apologies for the delay if you were waiting, my internet has crashed so I have whizzed across town to borrow my Mum’s! Such dedication!)

I hope this will become a resource for anyone who spends time with children at the weekend and wants to keep them busy, having fun! There will be a Linky at the bottom of the page every week for anyone who has a post to share. If you don’t blog but want to share an idea do get in touch or leave a comment in the comments section.

Here’s my offering for this week!

We have taken many approaches to New Year’s resolutions over the past 14 or so years but I wanted to do something which was adaptable and pressure free. Long lists of ‘I resolve to’s were soon crumpled and forgotten and were more about the idea than the meaning so this year we have a Resolution Tree.

I cut the trunk out of an old paper bag which looked obligingly bark like and then cut a lot of leaf shapes which are in a box by the tree ready to go. The tree is for ‘Things We’d Like To Do’ or ‘Something I’d Like To Achieve’ and can include big ambitions like ‘I’d like to pass my Grade One flute exam’, places we’d like to go, things we’d like to do or things we are trying to save up for. As we achieve our ambitions the leaves can come off and when we think of new ones, we’ll pop them on! I think in the Autumn, there may be a colour change too!

My personal favourite is this one. I can hope!

I’ll tell you the story of how it comes to be leaning on the wall in my dining room rather than in its frame when I get a minute!

So, what are your suggestions for us on this wet, grey Friday? What can we do this weekend? (Old posts very welcome!)

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21 responses to “Something For The Weekend!

  1. lovely idea
    I did something similar last year for my husband on Valentine’s Day. Got kiss shaped sticky backed paper and posted them on bedroom wall with all our precious memories from 11 years together.
    Hope you stick to the resolutions and achieve the hopes and ambitions

  2. Oh I love your resolution tree. It looks lovely and you can add things to it as you think of them… now will it loose it’s leaves as autumn approaches? I hope so!😉

    Thanks for the new link up party! Hope my links are appropriate – designed, to inspire craftiness this weekend!


    • I meant to write that bit in and have now edited to include it! We are going to add things as we think of them and take them away once they have been achieved. In Autumn I thought we might make leaves in different colours and hopefully by New Year’s Eve next year the branches will be bare! Thanks for your links lovely lady, they are fab! x

  3. Your tree is a lovely idea! I’m wondering what a 3DS is now.

    We are swimming on Saturday morning (5yo has his lesson) and on Sunday we might go for a cycle ride (3yo got her first bike for Christmas!).

  4. Great ideas – both the tree & the Friday fun. I promise I will do my best to join in!

  5. Jenny paulin

    Your tree resolution idea is a great one! How creative of you!

  6. missielizzieb

    What a lovely idea that tree is.

    We don’t really do resolutions, but it is a great idea for planning family time, and aiming towards goals.

    I’ve added a little linky to one of my craft activities, I hope that’s ok x

  7. I love your resolutions tree, what an inspired idea!

    I haven’t really got anything to add this week [unless you count making rice pudding with little ones😉 ] but I’ll do my best to join in next week. x

  8. I love this tree, I want one. Will have to get on with making one of these for our house I think xx

  9. What a fab idea, we always talk to the boys about resolutions and chocolate fetures a lot in Maxi’s!

  10. Paula

    I love your tree – what a fantastic idea, and great that it’s one that continues to evolve throughout the year. xx

  11. What a lovely idea, I’ve been struggling to find a way to bring together all the different threads of my/our resolutions/goals/ideas/. Great to have it as a permanent display too (unless you move that door sooner rather than later!)
    I do love your blog, you’ve inspired me to think about fun stuff. Will be back with something fun soon😉

  12. I tried to add a linky but nothing appears on screen for ,me to paste the link up – here’s our suggestion…
    We’ve lots more festive fun ideas in the run up to Christmas over on the Lunchbox World blog… hope to see you hopping over x

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