Silent Sunday – New Year, New Look, New Shoots


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27 responses to “Silent Sunday – New Year, New Look, New Shoots

  1. Love the new look! It is quite scary that those shoots are there already eh!

  2. Oh they are so going to get frost bite! I often want to tell them “Go back in the warm it’s too early!!!”

  3. Jen

    I am amazed at the shoots considering all the snow we have had, lovely to see though. whit whoo at your new look, its lovely😀 Jen

  4. mum

    I know how long you have wanted to write and what a frustration it has
    been ,I am so pleased for you and so very proud of you. I wish for you a realisation of your dreams and a happy and successful 2011 . To all my wonderful family a happy, healthy and successful 2011. Thank you for all your help and support since my move, it was a big step but you all made it
    possible. x

  5. Oooh check out your new look blog! Very nice and cheery🙂
    Its amazing how little shoots can pop up after all that cold weather we had only a week or so ago. Good ole mother nature .

  6. Oh the circle of life, just keeps on rolling doesn’t it? Lovely photo. And am LOVING your Mum’s comment above…Happy New Year lovely x

  7. The snow melted in my flowerpot and revealed a dandelion in bud. I’d have preferred something less likely to take over my garden.

  8. Wow, I shall have to have a look in the garden. X

  9. Wow, that’s surprising after the winter we’ve had so far isn’t it. Lovely calming new look too.
    Happy New Year! XX

  10. Oh that’s great🙂 New life, that’s what we need!

  11. Jo

    oooh love it! Spring on its way! superb!🙂

  12. SO nice to see grass and no snow! Love the new blog btw

  13. Ah, the second photo I’ve seen tonight of bulbs poking through. I must check my garden tomorrow, rain or shine.

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