(Not So) Silent Sunday


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12 responses to “(Not So) Silent Sunday

  1. He really is angelic! I hope he sounds as good as he looks!

  2. Oh my goodness! How fab! I used to give concerts when I was little. Made prgrammes & everything!!

  3. Jen

    hehehe, I can only imagine. When my son was learning to play the tin whistle I used to send him out into the garden. Still, your fella looks like he knows what he is doing. Great photo🙂 Jen

  4. Aaaw my little girl is learning the violin and I have yet to recognise a tune that she’s playing lol.

  5. What a fabulous photo!

  6. Such a sweet photo! I can’t wait until T can play an instrument! x

  7. Oh sweet lord the violin…I remember when my younger sister was learning to play, I wished to god she’d taken up the cello instead…!

    I agree though, you can’t beat the enthusiasm!! Great photo😀

  8. What a fabulous picture I hope that he is getting on ok xx

  9. mummywalker

    This reminds me of my brother’s attempts at violin, except my brother has bright ginger hair. Ah memories.
    Hope he enjoys learning x

  10. Aw, your own Christmas recital! My daughter is obsessed with learning to play the violin, guess you need nerves of steel in the early days, but then it pays off?! Lovely picture.

  11. JallieDaddy

    Looks like a talented boy!

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