Quick Crafts to Keep them Busy!

We spent a happy afternoon with the glitter, glue and scissors! We made Snowmen

and Christmas Trees

For the snowman you need two polystyrene balls glued together (or with a cocktail stick pushed through to hold them together), a cotton bud halved and stuck in for arms, some glitter to roll him in and a pen to draw a (slightly scary) face on him. Easy peasy and great fun, especially when you can hold him up in front of a real one!

The trees are easy too.

1. Find four circular objects each one slightly smaller than the last.

2. Draw round them onto coloured card or firm paper (I use old Christmas cards because I hoard them from the previous year to make things with!) and cut out the four circles.

3. Cut out a quarter piece from each one and curl them round into cones. Stick with glue or sellotape (depending on how quick you want the activity to be!) Cut up to the halfway point every centimetre or so around the rim of the cone and bend the pieces up to make a skirt. Do this with each cone.

Thread the largest cone onto knotted thread, make another knot just above the tip and thread the next cone on, do the same with the other two cones. Thread a star/fairy/robin onto the top and suspend!


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2 responses to “Quick Crafts to Keep them Busy!

  1. I love, love, love the trees they are so easy to do and effective and even better I have all the things I need in to do them – woo hoo. Will be remembering the snowmen for next year

  2. I love both of these I am going to have to start sorting stuff out from about march next year I think!

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