A Longing and Some Loving

Day one of the Christmas holidays played out pretty much as I expected it to. Snow was a bonus,

but otherwise it went as it always does. Everyone slept a bit later, the teen appeared at lunchtime, there were a few scuffles and a bit of crossness as everyone shrugged off their term time easy wash, man-made fibre persona and pulled on their family hand knit organic identity. I could feel the warmth of long-held breath expelled as each and every one of them allowed themselves to be themselves. Gradually, one by one, they appeared for a chat, a debrief, a warm drink and a piece of cake.

I found myself thinking about Victoria and her family who have taken nine months out to travel the world together and wishing with all my heart that we had done that or that we were brave enough now to say ‘actually, exams don’t matter, you’ll do fine whatever, let’s sell up and go’. But we didn’t and we can’t.

So… I have to make the most of the time when school lets them go and we can play in the snow

and make fudge,

when Bonus Boy and Darling Girl can curl under a blanket and watch the Wizard of Oz and we can hang popcorn in the trees for the birds.

Family. That’s what Christmas is all about.


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11 responses to “A Longing and Some Loving

  1. I wish I’d been brave enough too. I’m sure children of families who love them unconditionally have the best memories anyway x

  2. Beautiful. That is what it’s all about.

  3. You’re very right it’s all about quality family time, you’re not the only one envious of Victoria’s adventure around the world either! Lovely post. Happy Christmas. Cx

  4. Family is all that matters, wherever you are, at Christmas. I hope you aren’t too disappointed: with fudge like that you can come to snowy Kent to celebrate with us. That counts as travel, right?

  5. Oh Chris, what a lovely post. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and at the same time”fearful” – will I achieve the same sense of love, warm and coziness in my home? Will I love my children’s company as much as you do? I guess time will tell and I can do, but my best😉

    Maggy x

  6. What a gorgeous post. You are absolutely right.

  7. AGREED. Awesome post, this is spot on. xxxx

  8. What a lovely post. I agree with Maggy. Your posts always make me feel that I want to aspire to the same sense of family, the feeling that we let our kids be the person they are and the person they want to be.

  9. I feel just the same way as you about family and Christmas and this made me sob and sob for some reason. Lovely

  10. Victoria

    What a gorgeous post! And thank you for the mention. Fudge, snow and wizard of oz sounds like the perfect day. Except for those scary witches. Lots of love xxx

  11. Ah lovely. Similar over here this weekend, but substitute fudge for tealoaf and Muppets: Letters to Santa for Wizard of Oz . Happy days.

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