Some Sparkle!

The week since my last Gallery entry was full of sick and sparkle! Thankfully, Tara wants us to do Sparkle not Sick for this week’s entries!

It all started with this

Moved on to this

(sorry about the quality, I haven’t got time to fiddle with it but it had to go in here…my sparkly girl, what a star!)

And finished with this


This was posted for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers do go and have a look at everyone else’s sparkles!


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13 responses to “Some Sparkle!

  1. Oh doesn’t DD look all grown up! No wonder she is now going round saying she is Mary!!

    And of course it is lovely to see BB again. Cutest pic ever.

    And finally.. for your photo finish… great shot!🙂

    Maggy x

  2. Jenny paulin

    How angellic they can look when dressed up as angels? I use to love being in the school nativity. Your two look gorgeous – did it bring a little lump to your throat? Great take on the sparkly theme🙂 x

  3. Such fabulous sparkle…so happy for you all that it all went swimmingly! Well done to you all!🙂


  4. Wow, what a week. you must be really proud. And you’ve captured them looking so happy and proud too- their performances must have gone very well🙂

  5. A very sparkly week Chris! Thank you for sharing!

  6. They look lovely and having such a good time. Beautiful sparkle!

  7. Great pictures! What an amazing bauble!

  8. What an absolute angel (and what a beautiful Christmas bauble too)!

  9. I can’t wait for nativity plays🙂 great photos x

  10. Jen

    Three lovely angels:) Hope the sick is gone:) Jen

  11. All very lovely photos! Glad it is Sparkly and not Sick:-))

  12. What lovely photos….I had some stupid parents standing up in the way so I couldn’t take any photos during Little M’s nativity. Love the bauble too! :0)

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