It Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficult!

I always get to this bit of the run up to Christmas and come face to face with ‘The Difficult People’. Every year I put them off until the last-minute and then run round in a mad stressy circle trying to find a gift to fit!

But NOT this year for I have been a-gathering! I have made a list and what’s more, I know where it is! And on that list under the heading ‘Those Difficult People’ are all the things I have seen in magazines and catalogues and one or two things which I have been sent to review which will fit the bill!

1. The Man I Know Who Likes His Lawn Very Much Indeed

I did contemplate a copy of Blott On The Landscape, that hilarious comedy series from the mid 80s. It features as one of its characters a man totally obsessed with his lawn who comes a cropper at the hands of a large demolition ball wielded by a drunken Jimmy Nail. I bought this for Mr TS last Christmas and it went down very well. However, I don’t think this particular person would appreciate the humour so instead I have settled upon a copy of A Nation of Gardeners by Twigs Way (yes, really!) which is a lovely winter armchair read and includes plentiful information on the development of the lawn mower and the new vogue for decking which may, I think, be his next move! It is a really good read charting how the British fell in love with gardening and is packed with beautiful nostalgic photos and illustrations, perfect for anyone who likes growing stuff and delving in the earth!

2. The Friends I Know Who Drink A Lot Of Coffee

I was recently sent a Keep Cup which is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. The idea is that you carry this cup with you to your favourite coffee shop and instead of walking out with a throwaway cup, they fill this one for you and off you go. Apparently there is enough plastic in 32 disposable cups and lids to make one Keep Cup! Keep Cup hopes to convert individual take-away coffee drinkers, some of whom buy up to five take away coffees daily, into re-users rather than drink and throwers. They are also hoping to encourage companies and large corporations to embrace their equivalent of the ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ campaign.

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While this would make a nice stocking filler for the guy who has everything and is something in the city I’m not sure he or she would fancy carrying a bulky cup around in their suit pocket or briefcase all day and for those of us who already re-use and recycle a flask of coffee from home would probably be a better option or even a sit down in the coffee shop with a nice cup and saucer and a slice of cake!

3. The Older People ‘Who Have Everything We Could Possibly Need So What Did you Buy THAT For?

Always a tricky one, I have to give something but I don’t want to clutter up their houses with stuff which will just gather dust. I have given photo books in the past but I don’t want to overdo them so I had to come up with something else this year! I will be putting together hampers of homemade goodies and decorations made by the children but I will also be popping in a couple of hand warmers as I know the cold has been a bit much!

4. The Teenagers Who Have Left Home and Are Earning More Than I am But Still Expect a Present

It’s got to be Amazon Vouchers , Butt Head or a set of Racing Grannies!

I hope this is helpful! If you have any ideas for presents for difficult people please pop them in a comment below! A problem shared is a problem halved as the difficult people would say!


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6 responses to “It Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficult!

  1. What great ideas. This year anyone who is difficult I’ve bought a snuggie. Now who doesn’t one a snuggie lol

  2. Jen

    Had a little giggle at the image of you running around in stressy circles😀 Am very interested in the ‘keep cup’ as I use those flask type mugs all the time, even around the house. Thanks for the tip off:) Jen

  3. Haha! I love the racing grannies – I want them for myself😉

  4. mum

    Photos are always welcome!!!!!!

  5. If you could sort out my – man who has everything uncle too😉
    … btw, my blog has moved to – hate to lose you as a reader. I have added you to my new sexy blog roll.

    Little Christmas comp for those that re-subscribe and make me feel less lonely on my new url😉
    Happy Christmas x

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