Festive Friday – Nativity Week and A Playful Giveaway!

Week five of Festive Friday is upon us, the children break up next week and Christmas is a mere hop, skip and a jump away! Last week’s lucky winner of a voucher for gorgeous Miglio Jewellery (chosen by the online random generator because Bonus Boy won’t do it anymore) is….Emily at Mummy Limited! Well done Emily, I’ll be in touch!

This week I have been mainly watching Nativities

hoping to watch Nativities (post to follow) and internet shopping. I did brave a visit to Argos where I sat on a little seat as directed and glazed over so completely that the boy with the monotonous nasal twang had to call my number three times before he could rouse me from my torpor. I had to go into our lovely kitchen and hardware store to revive myself buying a sugar thermometer and some Father Christmas loo roll! (Pricey but it keeps the teens amused so well worth it!)

I’ve also been buying the last-minute presents, stocking fillers and sundries which are the bits I really enjoy. Once I have bought the children’s main presents I can indulge myself and them with a little bit ofย  frippery and nonsense. I have still to buy anything for Mr TS who keeps grinning at me smugly and telling me he has bought mine (could it be a Christmas Tea Towel?) or to write a single Christmas card so it’s all going par for the course.

I spend a lot of time making sparkly things, cooking yummy stuff, listening to cheesy music and indulging in the fun bits so I am always to be found on Christmas Eve knee-deep in wrapping paper and sellotape with a wine glass in one hand and a desperate gleam in my eye. One day I will be as organised as I always intend to be but I suspect Christmas won’t be as much fun!

So, what have you lot been up to this week? I hope you have some fabulous Christmassy posts to share and if you’ve been feeling a bit Bah Humbug as the Festive Season grinds up to top gear and you slide about in the snow, those posts are welcome too!

This week’s giveaway has been donated by the very lovely Orchard Toys who wanted to join in with the Festive Fun and are offering one lucky reader the chance to win What a Performance, a board game for all the family which invites you to do all manner of things as you work your way around the board! Can you pretend to be a monkey? Make a noise like a firework? Wiggle your ears? If you can’t you have to pay a forfeit!

Father Christmas always very kindly leaves a small pile of family games in our fireplace after he has drunk the sherry and eaten the mince-pie and I shall be asking him for this one! Orchard games are always well made and do what they claim on the box and it’s nice to find something everyone can play!

For your chance to win this lovely prize just leave a comment below!

Now for those of you who would like to link up your festive posts, here’s the linky! You don’t have to link to be in with a chance of winning What A Performance, but it would be very nice if you did! Last week’s entries were fab and I found some new blogs to look at too!

The Linky List and the Giveaway both close at 9pm next Thursday 16th December.

Powered by Linky Tools

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… (I will then list you on the lovely list below manually so you can be easily seen. WordPress isnโ€™t keen on Linkys so this is my way round it!)

1. The Young and Younger Twins (Plus Two More) Make Christmas Cards

2. Mince Pie Testing

3. Easy Felt Ornaments (use up those bunny bells) Red Ted Art

4. Santa Stars, Red Ted Art

5. Austrian Jam Cookies (Nom Nom) Red Ted Art

6. Christmas Presents – A Seasonal Problem? – THO

7. Mummy From The Heart…loves advent – but….

8. Christmas Baking Carnival

9. Christmas – Time for Clearing Out & Helping Others

10. Spreading Ourselves Thin At Christmas!

11. Spectacular Ice Lanterns!

12. Homemade Gift Tags on New Mummy’s Tips

13. Homemade Gifts – Vinyl Bowls on New Mummy’s Tips

14. Childhood Memories : Inside The Wendy House

15. Loo Roll Nativity – The Mad House

16. A Pause in Advent – Peace, The Mad House

17.ย  Mummy Limited’s Christmas Fayre Contribution

18. A Work In Progress…

19. Christmas Wishes

20. A Colourful Christmas Tree at Imperfect Pages

21. Should Santa Claus Come on Christmas Day? (Imperfect Pages)

22. The Blog Up North’s Faces of 2010 Competition – Win a DVD Box Set!

23. Kids Play Table Giveaway (US only)

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25. All I want for Christmas

26. Tis the Season to be Sunny

27. It’s Not Christmas Without a Tree!


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35 responses to “Festive Friday – Nativity Week and A Playful Giveaway!

  1. Ooh enter me please! Will be entering carnival too๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh bless – look at BBs little face. That is sooooo sweet!

    Have enter all our Xmassy links!


  3. I liked reading about your Christmas planning and I like that you like silly things cos I do too.
    The first pic is beautiful. In this mad world, these traditions keep me sane.

  4. He looks such an angel & wherte do you get that loo roll? I love it! We used to be able to get festive kitchen roll but that seems to be gone now. Have linked up this week but don’t worry about the comp! Mind, if I won, I could offer it on my blog!! Recycling!!๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Have linked up for the first time, it starts bah humbug and then turns around! lol

    We woudl love to win the game pretty please.

    Thanks, Mich x

  6. It’s Little M’s first nativity this week, I can’t wait.
    I’ve always loved seeing the Christmas toilet paper but we seem to get through paper so quickly it would be gone before anyone saw it so I haven’t bothered buying it before. I may just have to now! :0)

  7. I went to my last school nativity with my children in it. How quickly they grow up! Just need to find one picture of no.2 without his eyes crossed for use in today’s post….mmmm

  8. What a fab game! Thanks for the giveaway – this is my first visit to your blog so I will subscribe too! :o)

  9. Ooh how lovely, please add me. I have added two links this week x

  10. Wendy McDonald

    Another lovely giveaway…will be linking!! Thank you x

  11. Oh what a brill game! Please draw me (yes I know I’m being greedy) otherwise I’ll have to go buy it!

    Gorgeous photo. Daniel is a lamb in his first nativity on Monday, can’t wait!

  12. Aaaaw BB looks absolutely adorable!

    Please add me to the giveaway, many thanks!

  13. He is gorgeous isnt he! So cute! Please enter me and I will link up later promise xx

  14. Kat

    What a great game & loved reading your blog, especially love the father Christmas loo roll lol & the fact I am not the only one knee deep in paper & sellotape on Christmas eve!!

  15. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    He really does look like a little angel. Gorgeous! Also liking the Father Xmas loo paper very much x

  16. missielizzie

    What a gorgeous angel he makes!

    Please can I enter your comp – love Orchard Toys.

  17. Fab, Fab!! I LOVE a nativity, could have done with the santa loo roll to wipe my tears away when they were singing “little Donkey”

  18. Danielle Baker

    This is my first visit (I’ve just started following you on Twitter!)
    I’d love to enter the lovely competition and I look forward to saying hello more often xx

  19. I’d love to enter please (if I am not too late).

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