Spectatcular Ice Lanterns!

Make your own glistening lanterns from old jam jars decorated with confetti, tissue paper, pieces of gift wrap, scraps of ribbon and lots of glitter! (It is worth having a sturdy box to store these useful things in and add to it throughout the year!)

For a really stunning effect take the children on a foraging walk to collect berries, holly, ivy and evergreens to decorate the house and use some of their plunder to make spectacular ice lanterns for the garden on Christmas Eve.

To make these glorious decorations you will need two bowls or cups with one being larger than the other. Suspend the smaller one inside the larger using tape to hold it off the bottom.

Fill the gap between the two with water (you will probably need to put some inside the smaller receptacle too to stop it floating away) and then push berries, leaves and flowers between the two bowls.

Pop your creations into the freezer or leave them outside overnight to freeze if it’s cold enough. When they have frozen solid remove the bowls or cups (you may need to dunk them in warm water to do this, don’t make it too hot or you may crack your bowls), pop a nightlight inside, find somewhere special in the garden to put them and enjoy!

(This article appeared first in full on the Timberland Family Club website. I write the Become A Green Family section for the UK! Do pop over and have a look at some more of my ideas!)


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22 responses to “Spectatcular Ice Lanterns!

  1. ooh lovely!! Very pretty and festive!

    • Thanks Maggy, they are very lovely and the possibilities are endless. They work best at this time of year but are also very effective at Halloween with autumn leaves and in early spring while it’s still going dark early and you can pop a few spring bulb petals in!

  2. I have been meaning to give these a go. Must to it, no need to even pop in the freezer at the moment, a night outside will do the trick!

  3. Jen

    Had a good laugh at the tip to leave it outside if it is cold enough, I think we qualify at the moment. They look really gorgeous, thanks for the idea:) Jen

  4. Lady Scribbles

    These are gorgeous, Christine! As mine face into their second week off school, making these will provide them with something interesting, fun and educational (science!) to do.

    Thanks so much for posting.


  5. Oooh those are truly stunning. Way to go. x

  6. I love these. I tried something similar a few years back but they didn’t look as good as these. Wanted them for my winter wedding but would have had to make about 20 for the tables alone.


  7. I made the flowery one before in the summer and served them with fresh fruit, ice cream and broken meringues at a party. They really were the wow factor!!
    Glad you blogged them, didn’t think of doing Christmassy ones!

  8. Awww, I LOVE this!!! Can’t wait to make one – excited squeal!!

  9. Ooo, gorgeous! I must try this!

  10. ooh that’s a clever idea!

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