Thoughtful Thursday – Stamp and Swap

As the chaos and mania of Christmas descends upon us I wanted to set aside a little weekly slot for The Christmas Spirit; that thing which Scrooge doesn’t understand at the beginning of A Christmas Carol. It is a time of year when we hear in song and rhyme how we should spare a little thought for others. So, I introduce you to Thoughtful Thursday.

This week my eye was caught by the work of ADD International.

Tomorrow is International Day of Disabled People. The Frome based charity ADD International’s stated goal is to support organisations of disabled people in Africa and Asia to influence policy and practice, thereby ending social exclusion and poverty. To mark the International Day of Disabled People on 3rd December they are launching a new fund-raising campaign called Stamp and Swap. It will be the UK’s first ever charity Swapathon and all you have to do to take part is register, make a donation and then use the website to ‘access a universe of swapping activities right here in the UK’.

I’ve just had a little look and it is such fun! You could learn to cook an African meal for two in exchange for cinema tickets or you could have an hour’s ironing done in exchange for a lesson in Indian dancing!

Add a swap before midnight on the 9th December to get involved and to raise money for ADD and its partners in this fabulous scheme RADAR and NCIL.

What skill have you got to offer and what could you swap it for? I’ve added one, see if you can find me!

Look here to see what your £5 donation buys

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One response to “Thoughtful Thursday – Stamp and Swap

  1. Jen

    That really does sound like good fun, I hope it is very successful. Jen

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