Silent Sunday



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13 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Wow… (Should add, actually said wow when I saw this). Gorgeous – thank you for posting!

  2. greenie01

    Lovely. Now wish I picked lamb at the meat counter yesterday instead of pork. No snow here yet but I think it’s on it’s way midweek.

  3. Is that Christmas Tree under the snow, or Rosemary? Gorgeous shot. Don’t think you needed the sun for this one.

  4. oooh wow. That’s beautiful

  5. Love it! Lots of snow on everyones Silent Sundays today…We don’t have any yet..

  6. Jen

    We have the white stuff here too *sighs* must get my camera out and try make the most of it😀 Lovely photo. Jen

  7. Stunning photo! My camera is rubbish at close ups.

  8. ooh, that’s lovely. we hardly had any snow. now I am jealous🙂

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I am starting my decorating for Christmas this evening, and this put me in the mood!

  10. That’s such a cool shot. We only had a tiny amount of snow most of which melted straight away!!

  11. Such a beautiful photo. Delicate but hiding the bitter cold that must be the weather of that day!

  12. That’s really beautiful. I was looking at other posts on your blog, too, and really like the look of the Comfort Pie, even though I’m not vegetarian.

    CJ xx

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