Bonus Boy – The Book!

When I opened the door to our postman and saw him holding a large square parcel I did snatch a bit. Not polite I know and I will apologise but I knew what was inside and I was desperate to see it!

Photobox offered me a review opportunity which was too good to miss. I chose to review their photobook range and once I had made my decision about the focus of my book, the process was easy and the result is fantastic.

I decided, with the blog in mind, that I would put together a book about Bonus Boy’s transition from pre-schooler to Big Boy in Uniform as I spent so much of the last few months writing about it.

It’s not all here because not all of it is for public consumption and I have covered his real name with a very fancy and professional label so you know who it’s about!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I had made this book and held it in my hands I realised what a fantastic thing photobooks are. The potential is huge, especially when we store so much of our lives digitally.

Giving Grandparents a book of the family year for Christmas would surely store up enough brownie points to last a life time! Recording significant events in a child’s life would be such a wonderful thing to have…perhaps a photo from each week/month/year of their life so far….

What would you pop into a photobook and who would you give one to?


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10 responses to “Bonus Boy – The Book!

  1. Oh Chris, they are lovely, aren’t they? I do mini photo books for our family too and ADORE them!

    Maggy x

  2. What a gorgeous book and a great idea. I did a review of a canvas print for them they are excellent. x

  3. That is a fab idea Christine! I want to do one. Must make my way to website now x

  4. What a lovely idea. It’s the sort of thing that I always wish I’d done after the event. Maybe next year!

  5. We have received a canvass today and I adore it, so so much

  6. Oh my that is stunning … wonderful photography and really beautifully arranged and annotated. Amazing isn’t it what a difference it makes presenting the pictures like that than just in folders on a hard disk! You’re right. We’re going to do this. THANKYOU!!


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  8. mum

    You have done it again haven’t you, one day I will run out of tissues!!

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