The Gallery – Black and White

My biggest boy. Beach walking. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

This photo makes my heart sing and ache at the same time. I am so proud of who he has become and I can feel the strings tugging as he begins to leave.

For Tara’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme is Black and White. Go look!


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52 responses to “The Gallery – Black and White

  1. Wow! Stunning photo and a day non of us look forward to, but do… afterall we want them to be strong and independent… *sigh*

    Well done you


  2. Rachel

    Beautiful picture! So simple yet really emotive🙂

  3. Jenny paulin

    What a stunning photo! The light is amazing to look at with the reflections on the water puddles on the wet beach and that gorgeous sky.🙂

  4. Stunning! It should be on your wall blown up. They grow up so quickly don’t they.😦

  5. What a stunning photo and I bet you have well equipt him for the world and he is the man that you have moulded him to be

  6. Fantastic photo! It’s a real echo of the one in your blog banner.

  7. alisonwells

    Great photo, beautiful sky, wonderful resonance and that poignant-proud feeling to go with, fabulous.

  8. stunning doesn’t even come close to how great this picture is!

  9. My mum always says you raise your children so they don’t need you anymore, but hope they always will.

  10. Gorgeous photo. Simply stunning. x

  11. Beautiful! Love it!
    My 2nd eldest has just left home although it doesnt feel like it because his place is only 100 yds away! Still it got me thinking about the day when they have all flown the nest…I dread the Day! x

  12. Jen

    That is a stunning photo! I see a man there, not a boy………….Jen

  13. Completely amazing picture. Love how your pictures have a narrative.

  14. I can never think of anything to say about your photos except gorgeous and beautiful. Gorgeous!

  15. mrsljhall

    God these posts are making me so emotional today! Lovely picture and lovely sentiment xx

  16. That is a stunning photo. I mostly love that my kids grow up like that but a small part of me wants the closeness that them depending on me brings. At least Missy Woo still crams onto my knee.

  17. See – I said you post a fantastic one!! OK – so not up close but brill! I know exactly what you mean about thge emotions too!

  18. Gorgeous photo and heartfelt words – really lovely🙂

  19. Gulp – I’ve still a few years to go before mine leaves the nest, but I well up even at the thought of it.

    You are a very talented lady – beautiful photo.

  20. Wow…what a beautiful photo and beautiful sentiment!

  21. The light in this is just amazing. Beautiful.

    And heartwrenching…

  22. mum

    Oh!! Emotive, stunning, amazing, beautiful.

  23. Thanks Mum. It’s a goody huh?! x

  24. This is achingly breathtakingly beautiful.

  25. What an emotive pictures. Beautiful, yet sad as well.

  26. Although I have twin toddlers I do have 2 older children from a previous relationship, both have left the nest and are living happy successful lives. It’s a hard transition – I got told off for mothering too much! But you step back and see what all your hard work was for.
    Beautiful image, brimming with suggestion and words

  27. theWriteRach

    What a beautiful photo!

  28. Sorry Sweetheart, I have no words. ((( )))

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