Getting Crafty – Tissue Paper Glimmers

This is a quick and easy craft with an older child and a nice messy one with a younger one!

Draw the shape you want on a piece of tissue paper, lay the tissue paper on some cling film.

Paint along the outline with PVA glue and then stick a length of wool to the glue (I know this is not the same outline as above, we did a few shapes!). Make a loop at the top if you want to hang your decoration up. Brush PVA inside the woollen boundary line.

Arrange lengths of thread (we used silver) inside your shape, crisscrossing them to give your shape structure. Press them into the glue and leave the ends dangling.

Brush on more glue and liberally sprinkle with glitter. We used the snow glitter from the Early Learning Centre as well as some of the basic glittery stuff.

Leave to dry completely then cut out.

They look great dangling in front of fairy lights

Or dangling where they can catch the sun!

We adapted this idea from Sparkly Things to Make and Do (Usborne Activities)

Happily shared with Red Ted Art


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14 responses to “Getting Crafty – Tissue Paper Glimmers

  1. Jen

    They look FANTASTIC! Jen

  2. ooh these ar every lovely and sparkly and white and gorgeous and and and… I love them!!! They are so going into White & Sparkle Get Crafty!!!

    Maggy x

  3. Ooooo I like those! And they look lovely to make🙂

  4. These look fantastic I am so going to make these, they look great! xx

  5. I absolutely love them. We are going to make some!

  6. jay

    Ooo brilliant! Think The Smalls and I will have to have a go at these!

  7. These are fantastic and we will be doing some of these

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  9. These are really pretty – a lovely idea.

  10. angie

    these are so pretty my kids have made some they look great in windows, trees or wherever they seem to shine in the light

  11. what a great idea, great for christmas decorations

  12. This is such a good idea we are going to have to give it a go!
    Thank u for linking up in the competition at good luck!! x

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