Before and After!

The Gallery Challenge this week is Before and After. I racked my brains (a bit, I’ve been busy this week so I have to be honest I probably didn’t give it as much thought as that implies!) and came up with nothing. I had a bit of a trawl through my photos this morning but, again, I haven’t spent hours on it as I locked myself out of the house so the morning has been somewhat shortened waiting to get back in (Thanks Mum!). But then I remembered that Tara said it doesn’t have to be people and ‘PING’ the light went on!




I learned to knit almost exactly a year ago thanks to my lovely friends at Marmalade Yarns. Last October half term I started knitting a jumper for Bonus Boy, in Cornwall this October half term I finished it. I have made a few other things in between but this is my first finished garment and I am very proud of it! He rather loves it too!


Now pop on over to Sticky Fingers and have a look at the other offerings!


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24 responses to “Before and After!

  1. I do like what we all do to interpret the theme slightly differently. Most impressed by your handiwork.

  2. Gosh that is gorgeous, and BB looks suitably dashing in it!

    I’ve only ever managed to start a row and then never quite end it to start the second. Lots of unravelled worms in my knitting history!

  3. Well done you! Fantastic progress! You mshould be very proud of your accomplishments! Brill!

  4. A very satisfying project. And better that he will actually wear it!

  5. Golly you’re clever! I started knitting a cardigan for myself when I was in hospital in 2005. Then I got better. Five years on, I still have two front bits, one back bit and half a sleeve….

  6. mum

    Glad to be of service !!!

  7. That’s excellent. What a great jumper. x

  8. Oooh a very good before and after! Am impressed!!! And that you “bother” knitting for children older than 2!! Takes so much longer😉

  9. That was a good result! Well done. My first jumper had one arm 4 ins longer than the other…

  10. mrsljhall

    Ha that’s brilliant! x

  11. I so need to learn to knit BB looks so happy in it. I love your interperatation

  12. I can’t bear knitting so admire your desire to learn and indeed master, the art. Mind you, you probably have the patience required!! Great variation on this week’s theme!

  13. Jen

    Brilliant ‘before’ and ‘after’, am very impressed with the creativity this week, and with your knitting too:) Jen

  14. Gorgeous jumper! Looks fab on and a neat before and after idea! Well done learning to knit… I will one day too🙂

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