Announcing…..FESTIVE FRIDAY!

There are only 6 Fridays, including today and Christmas Eve, until the Big Event so….

Hello and welcome to the first of my Festive Fridays! Each week I will write a little something to help you on your way with the festivities. It might be a recipe, a review of a product/book which I think is a good stocking filler or it might be a craft activity for you, your children or both, it might even be my ‘How to stay calm and have a lovely time’ list! This is not to say Christmas will not pop up on the blog at other times in the week, just that Fridays will be especially Festive here on Thinly Spread!

Coming VERY SOON will be a fantastic giveaway so come back often to see what’s what!

There is a Festive Friday linky for you to add your posts so if you have been up to anything Christmassy this week, or if you have a post from last year which needs airing, link up at the bottom and we can all share the festive love! Do visit each other and leave lovely comments and we will soon be sipping the sherry, nibbling the mince pies and singing Jingle Bells merrily together!

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So, without further ado, here is my offering for the week!

Something to Make.

We love making these Christmas Tree Decorations. Because they are made with cornflour and bicarb instead of salt dough they stay white when you bake them which is perfect for Christmas! We got the idea from Angelina Ballerina’s Christmas Craft Book which has some lovely ideas. (They also use our favourite ingredients, cornflour and water which make up the marvellous GLOOP!)

You will need:

200g Cornflour

400g bicarbonate of soda

360ml water

Biscuit cutters

PVA glue

Glitter, gemstones, glitter-glue and anything else you fancy to adorn them


  • Mix cornflour and bicarb in a saucepan. Add the water. Stir until smooth. Cover and cook over a medium heat until the mixture resembles mashed potatoes
  • Turn onto a large chopping board and cover with a damp cloth. When cool enough to handle, knead with cornflour until smooth. Roll out and cut out your shapes.
  • Make a hole for the ribbon (don’t put it in now or you’ll set fire to it which would be dangerous and silly)
  • Put them on a baking tray and cook at 135°C until firm, about 20 mins.
  • When cool, decorate them and attach a pretty ribbon in a loop to hang them up

A Stocking Filler

Father Christmas always leaves a small selection of family games in our fireplace on Christmas Eve and if we hadn’t been sent a Boggle Flash Game to test it would definitely be written on my list as it whooshes up the chimney at the beginning of December!

Boggle Flash takes the simple concept of its ancestor Boggle (the original dice game) and gives it some 21st century oomph. This is a surprisingly addictive game which caught my boys instantly and has held them in its gentle grip ever since.

The rules are simple, ‘How many words can you make with these 5 letters?’ You just line up the letter tiles then shuffle and slide them to find as many words as you can in a minute. The tiles flash when you form a word and it can get a bit frantic as you race against the clock. When the minute is up the tiles display your score and then show you the maximum possible score (which has led to some very competitive shenanigans in the Thinly Spread house!). There are 3 solo or competitive games to play and it really has become incredibly popular with the whole family. Even Bonus Boy likes shifting the tiles around and telling us which letters are which and he  is very pleased when he accidentally makes a word and it peeps to tell him how clever he is!

It comes with a portable storage box. (This is the time to mention our only gripe – the original packaging was excessive, it only needs the little black box and its contents, it does not need presenting in an A4 sized plastic box!)

So, now it’s your turn! If you have a festive blog offering click on the Linky below and add your post but please don’t post anything for sale!

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The Linky will be up until Thursday so you’ve got time to get festive if you haven’t already! I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

With many thanks to Violet Posy whose invaluable instructions helped me make my lovely badge!


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23 responses to “Announcing…..FESTIVE FRIDAY!

  1. Love your ideas and I will try them with the girls this week. Maybe I’ll take photos of our handywork for you🙂
    I am holding a ‘Make A Friend Friday’ on Mari’s World, maybe you’d like to link this initiative up and join in the fun?
    Hope so

  2. Cornflour “Saltdough” – how cool!! Well, I never….. So fabulous tip top tip! Thank you!

    And love Festive Friday! Love the “Modern Boogle” games, sounds great! And have linked up two my x-massy crafts!


  3. I love the mosaic tiles on the angels – beautiful!

    • They did turn out rather well! They are self adhesive so dead easy to use and had the added bonus that when placed near a light source they cast twinkles all over the kitchen ceiling! Thanks for linking! x

  4. This is fantastic, but then I expect no less from you Chris. I will be joining in with the boys

  5. Love the decorations, love the sound of Boggle … but 6 Fridays till Christmas …. Aaaaaargh

  6. These are lovely, might have to give them a go. You went and mentioned mince pies though, so now my tummy is rumbling!

  7. How lovely! I shall visit regularly! I would like to borrow some little ones to help make the decorations!

  8. What a fab idea I shall be coming back every week and I am sure that I can think off to do to link up to this. X x

  9. What a lovely idea and I am absolutely making those decorations with the boys – they’ll have a ball. Will be back next week with some festive cheer. In the meantime, Ho Ho Ho and Deck The Halls.

  10. Lovely idea! I adore all things Xmas. Will have to think of something suitably Christmassy to link… xx

  11. Paula

    ooh I like these very much – will deffo be making the cornflour deccies. LOL at your fire safety warning “dangerous and silly” xx

  12. Those decorations are cute!

  13. I adore the decorations, we will have to make some. We have a tree entered for our local tree festival – our theme is Let it snow, so these will be perfect.

    Thanks, Mich x

  14. Oooo festive Friday :)) I’m loving the appearance of these festive posts – great decs🙂

  15. Rachel

    Love the Festive Friday’s idea and will be posting as soon as I don’t something vaguely festive!
    Great to hear the ‘Boggle Flash’ review as this was on a certain someone’s Christmas list😉

  16. Rachel

    sorry, that shud be ‘do’ something….not ‘don’t’ something lol

  17. What a great idea Christine! I’ve added my link. Those decorations look amazing. We have a whole week off this year before Xmas so I really want to try and do some things like this during that time. It’s always such a crazy rush with so many school commitments/activities I am pleased we have a breather before the actual day. Thanks for the heads up on your Festive Friday series. Hx

  18. hello. popped in from the blog hop. The whole festive thing made my heart beat a bit too fast and my face scrutch up in a way that is not flattering. Too early for me, I know I am in denial, but it works for me. However, your photos are lovely, and that is such a nice jumper and I have loads of catalogues too – I keep the Argos catalogue at work. I am not sure how I got on the catalogue list, but I feel that I should read them all as someone has gone to the effort of sending them. Great blog and I will be back when I have come to terms with Xmas (Friday the 24th probably).

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