Seasons For The Gallery (Yes, of course I did Autumn!)

My love of Autumn has been well documented here on Thinly Spread. I have waxed lyrical about autumn walks, jamming, baking, making and snuggling in. Like Rachael at Tales From The Village I have been looking for the first sign of Autumn since mid Summer! My camera has been glued to my eye and I have files and files of photos of those glorious autumnal colours.

But it isn’t just the rich hues, the foraging and the making which makes autumn such a special time of year. It’s something in the quality of the light. It has a warmth and a depth which casts long shadows and encourages a relaxing of the soul. It is why we take the family on a special holiday at this time of year. It is waking up in the dark and standing at a window in dressing gown and slippers with hands wrapped round a steaming mug of coffee and watching the sun come up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This post was inspired by Tara Cain’s Photo Gallery at Sticky Fingers, this week’s challenge was Seasons. Do go and have a look at the other entries.


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44 responses to “Seasons For The Gallery (Yes, of course I did Autumn!)

  1. That’s what I wanted – the same scene at different times! Brill!

  2. Wow! You clever lady! What an awesome post!!! And it looks GORGEOUS!

  3. Jenny paulin

    What a great image seen through the seasons. Lovely photos. Autumn is my fav season too🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures, and such a clever idea.

  5. That is just amazing – I love them all

  6. Rachel

    Lovely photos! Can’t believe how much the weather can change in such a short space of time!

  7. Oh they are beeeeeeeautiful! Sigh.

  8. Paula

    I’m loving the transformation – fab take on it Chris x

  9. Wow, that is beautiful! Can’t believe that they were all taken within 30 minutes! You’re so lucky to have been able to catch such beautiful pictures.

  10. Wow that is so clever and so gorgeous. I love the photos. x

  11. Jen

    I love when you do that slide show thingy, you always have such great photos:) Jen

  12. Gorgeous, there are so many talented photographers amongst the Mummy blogging community.

    Mich x

  13. Lovely pics. Am feeling a little jealous now – I want to wake up to that!

  14. you’re so clever with your slide shows…
    fab pictures. it’s amazing how quickly a day can change at this time of year.

  15. I think this is the best interpretaion of all, well done, absolutely love it😉 @Kahanka

  16. I always love your photos and this is such a clever idea. Did you take loads to get it just right?

    • I just took those three as I was sipping my coffee. When Tara announced this theme I listed 45 Autumn tree/leaf/berry pictures I wanted to feature, then I downloaded these three off the camera and knew they were the ones!

  17. Kelloggsville

    So lovely

  18. Hi, visiting from ‘The Gallery’ and, wow, what a breathtaking slideshow of images! I love that you’ve taken the three photographs from the same angle, but in vastly different conditions. The images instantly made me think of Monet and how he loved to paint the same scene over and over, but in different light. What a gorgeous place you live and such a beautiful view.

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