Getting Yoghurty

The lovely people at Rachel’s Organic Dairy sent us a fabulous box full of yoghurts to try this week; not being people to turn down (vegetarian) food we dived on in! There was quite a variety but, in spite of The Tall One’s dairy intolerance meaning that his usual dustbin tendencies were not at our disposal, we were up to the challenge!

The only one I didn’t have a go at was the Greek yoghurt with coconut but Bonus Boy will vouch for this one as it was his absolute favourite and he was very loathe to share! Mr Thinly Spread assures me a spoonful alongside a fiery curry is a very pleasant experience. I was very tempted, but having thought I was allergic to coconut for as long as I can remember, I can’t quite bring myself to eat it. (I discovered that I am not allergic very recently when I consumed a vegetable spring roll which contained coconut and experienced no ill effects whatsoever…Mr TS realised this was going on as I chewed unsuspecting and DECIDED NOT TO TELL ME AND TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN! He has lived to tell the tale, but only just!)

The rhubarb flavour was great poured over apple crumble as a low-fat custard alternative and the Greek yoghurt with honey was a real hit at the breakfast table with chopped up banana and again in the evening with banana cake. I wasn’t so keen on the blueberry but Bonus Boy wolfed it down! (he’s always had a fondness for blueberries and has been known to eat whole punnets at a time resulting in blue nappy contents while we were sailing 3 years ago! The yoghurt, you’ll be pleased to know, did not produce this effect!)

I’ve saved the best until last…the Forbidden Fruits Cherry yoghurt was quite simply delicious. I would happily have eaten a large bowl of it on its own, however, it seemed to be crying out for accompaniment to draw out its creamy loveliness so I combined it with warm chocolate brownie…it seemed rude not to!


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11 responses to “Getting Yoghurty

  1. Oh they sound yummy have to say! Never seen these before will have to look out for them x

  2. Jen

    You have thought of things to do with youghurt that I never did!! Some of them sound very yummy too. Jen

  3. I LOVE Rachel’s, lucky you! I can vouch for the rhubarb one, it’s yummy. Have to say the idea of coconut yoghurt makes me feel a tiny bit sick though.

  4. Oh God, I lurve coconut and I lurve Rachel’s coconut yogurt! It is one of my Favourite Things.😀

  5. Gosh that was rather risky of Mr TS!

    We love Rachel’s even for my son as I cannot stand the taste of ‘kiddie yogurt’, and usually use the vanilla one as a base for smoothies and ice lollies.

  6. We always have yogurt with Curry, now I am sure the boys would love the coconut one.

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