There is Nothing Better than a Good Story!

Last week my belief in Twitter friendships was further cemented when a small parcel popped through the door of the holiday cottage we were renting in deepest Cornwall.

Inside were 6 small wooden blocks inscribed with 36 different little pictures which had been lovingly drawn by the absolutely wonderful Maggy at Red Ted Art especially for Bonus Boy!

When I wrote my Going Away post with a few hints and games suggestions for surviving en famille and sans gadgets, gizmos and electronic wizardry, I mentioned our love of story telling games. Maggy leapt in and suggested Bonus Boy might really enjoy story cubes. She made them. He did!

We developed two successful variations of the game. The first was to choose your cube, chose your picture and use it in your story.

The second was to cast them like a handful of dice and tell the story with the pictures you were given. When The Most Beautiful Girl in the World put in an appearance at the breakfast table she joined in with gusto (and a bit of blood and guts) as did the big boys when they appeared near to lunch time!

Many, many stories were told. A lot of them featured Bonus Boy the Robot, some were very long-winded to the adult ear but all were exciting and adventurous. These will be played with again and again!

Of course, you can also stack them up in a tower and knock them down!

Thank you Maggy, you are a star! Now readers (!) pop over to her blog because she is telling you how to make storytelling cubes today and extolling the virtues of family storytelling!

Maggy’s wonderful Kids Art and Craft site was featured in the Guardian on-line this week! The post which was featured is all about autumn crafts with children and….GUESS WHAT? Thinly Spread’s Cone Creatures are on there…Does that mean I can claim to have been featured in The Guardian?!


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14 responses to “There is Nothing Better than a Good Story!

  1. Oh Chris, what a lovely post! Thank you so much, I feel honoured, chuffed and even more pleased that I sent the cubes. And great photos!!!

    And yes, YOU WERE in the Guardian… afterall the post was about everyone’s lovely crafts!! Hooray for us!

    Big hugs to your family…

    PS I think I like the Robot one best too…

  2. How fabulous! I’ve just ‘pimped’ this for her on my other twitter account. I shall add your to it now!

  3. Wow how lovely, and where do I get some from?

  4. I love these. What a great way to get kids writing. It is such a simple idea too.

  5. Fabulous blocks – my son would have loved them when he was younger. I’ve never seen anything like them in the shops.

    Well done on your cone creatures being featured too. Hope you’re well – not chatted much on Twitter lately x

    • I have since found some in a catalogue but they are nowhere near as nice as Maggy’s, or as personal!
      I’m fine, not been on Twitter as much, I’ve missed you…we’ll have to try and catch each other soon! x

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