Harvest, Heligan and Halloween

Cornwall was wonderful. The October half term always comes at just the right time and allows us all to recharge our batteries before diving into the Christmas build up. We had lots of adventures and some lovely relaxing days and I have one or two posts lined up but I wanted to get this one up today before Halloween has faded from memory and been packed back into its orangey box for another year.

We went to Heligan (yes, there were lots of jokes about going to ‘Hell again?…have we been there before then?’), their harvest display was simply fantastic.

Then we came home in time for Halloween and we got all skeletony and lanterny and pumpkiny. Nice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Going away is wonderful but coming home is very lovely too! What did you get up to for Halloween?


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3 responses to “Harvest, Heligan and Halloween

  1. Wow I love the Harvest displays, sounds like a perfect week away. We had a relaxed Halloween, came home and the boys dished out treats to others. Maxi doesnt like trick or treating!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. We didn’t get one trick or treater around and although I think good old creepy stuff is better than cadging sweets it did mean I am scoffing too much left over chocolate!

  3. elleonthego

    Impressive Halloween display!

    Had a treasure hunt for Halloween, the ghost left sweets and chocolates. We all laughed like the mad people we are.

    I’ve been in my writing grotto for the last 6 weeks or so and we’ve been away on an arty break.

    Good to hear you had a nice break.

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