My Little Devil!

This week’s Gallery theme is Red with an optional hint of Halloween.

I usually have a bit of a think, change my mind, change it back again, have another think. Not this time!

Here he is; My Little Devil!

Really getting in to role!

He makes me smile so much my face hurts!


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25 responses to “My Little Devil!

  1. Oh! a PERFECT Red Post!!!

    Perfect for halloween indeed!!


  2. Jenny paulin

    Ha ha those teeth are so funny look at him! He is loving the scary look isn’t he? I can see why it makes you laugh so much. But he still looks adorable🙂

  3. awww how gorgeous, making me smile too🙂

  4. Bless. Sadly, my post doesn’t have a hint of Halloween to it. Couldn’t find one. Gah!

    Lovely pix tho.

  5. Someone so disarmingly cute could never be scary. LOL, lovely pics.

  6. Fieeeeeendishly gorgeous!
    That’s just cuteness with teeth – innit!😀

    Fab. xx

  7. He is going to be such a performer Chris! Move over Christopher Lee!

  8. Straight out of Where the Wild Things are! Adorable.

  9. He’s just too lovely to be scary! Great teeth!

  10. mumtoj

    haha fantastic!🙂

  11. Mwahahaha! Made me laugh out loud.

  12. awesome! he is so cute, even with scary teeth🙂

  13. Oh my goodness….those teeth are really scary!

  14. Sorry – far too cute to be scary but for him I would pretend to be petrified. What a sweetie x

  15. Brilliant post, he loves being scary doesn’t he?

  16. Awww what a CUTIE! He’s loving that! hehe🙂

  17. Great teeth, though they’re going to take some serious orthodontic work when he’s older – lol!

  18. jay

    Oh!!! Oh my GAWD that’s just AWESOME!! Love it😀 x

  19. Paula

    HaHa!! Gorgeous! xx

  20. How really really really cute🙂

  21. He looks such fun! Great photots.

  22. Hilarious! Those teeth are very scary!

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