And the Winnie Winner Is…

Thank you for all your comments and tweets, Winnie was moved to tears by your eagerness to own her latest adventure. If you are not the chosen one; if it is not your name which has been pulled from the hat by Bonus Boy do go and buy a copy because it really is a bookshelf bonus!

Cue the dramatic chipmunk

Well done Wendy!


with thanks to Karin at CafeBebe for her  very useful vlogging tutorial!


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6 responses to “And the Winnie Winner Is…

  1. jay

    Ahww how gorgeous are THEY???

    Oh, and well done Wendy *applause*😀

  2. Brilliant. Natural performers those two (and hat off to the director too)🙂

  3. LOL, how great.

    Well done Wendy.😀

    (And well done you!)

  4. Love the chipmunk and the children, well done Wendy. I took Winnie back to the library today and they didnt have anymore, must but some for Mini for Christmas

  5. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    They’re GORGEOUS! Of course😉

  6. Wendy McDonald

    Wow…that was amazing! Your children are gorgeous…feel honoured that they picked me!!! Thank you xxx

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