It’s a Mystery or What to do with a Mountain of Odd Socks

When I read this post from Pants With Names and this one from Paula at Battling On I was nodding in vigorous agreement. It is a universal fact that a pair of socks goes in to the wash and that only a single sock returns. I have tweeted about the sock mountain I have to climb every week (12 feet= 24 socks per day = 168 socks per week) and with those numbers it is inevitable that some will go astray but … THEY- DON’T- COME- BACK. Where do they go?

For many years I kept a bag especially for these abandoned socks hoping that they would be reunited with their twin; that whoever had spirited them away (alien experimenters, goblins, my husband just for a laugh) would return them.The bag has now filled to bursting point and I have to accept that this is not going to happen. Unlike the toys in the wonderful book Hoot by Jane Hissey, I am unlikely to discover a lovely owl on top of a wardrobe using our socks to make a nest and , nice as it would be, I don’t think they have made their way to Tapatoa: The Land Of The Missing Socks.

So, I am left with a substantial pile of footwear and a decision to make. Do I…

1. Throw them with abandon into the bin ignoring the green gremlin on my shoulder shouting ‘Shame on you, reduce, reuse recycle. Do not fill your bin with undamaged knitwear. Have you no moral fibre?’

2. Pop them into a charity bag ignoring the gremlin on my shoulder shouting ‘Oooh look at you passing the buck. No-one wants all your odd cast offs. Some poor volunteer will have to dispose of them for you!’?

3. Shove them back on top of the cupboard and ignore the nagging pressure in my head that is the result of an overload of rubbish and a need to declutter?


4. Make useful things out of them?

I am opting for a combination of 3 and 4. I have found this fabulous book

And Stray Sock Sewing: Making One-of-a-Kind Creatures from Socks

So I am going to have a go at making some Christmas gifts out of our collection. I have a feeling they will go down quite well, why don’t you have a go too? I shall post any triumphs on here and I will share my inevitable disasters too! If lots of you are interested I will set up a linky for us and we can compare creations! Leave a comment if you’d like to get involved, if you have any more missing sock theories or if you have any other ideas to use up half a tonne of odd socks!


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24 responses to “It’s a Mystery or What to do with a Mountain of Odd Socks

  1. Paula

    I love it! I’m thinking I need to get that book – my sock basket has reached monstrous proportions. All of my bribing of small children to match them is going unfulfilled and I’m too tired to even begin to tackle them. xx

  2. Oooh stupid sock creatures look great!! So the other book at the Knit exhibition!! Lucky you!!!πŸ™‚

    M x

  3. I can give you another full bag of socks if you run out. In my case it’s socks and teaspoons that disappear.

  4. At last, what to do with all those socks, I have about 34 at the moment and they’re never going to be matched up as their oweners have all left home now! It was worse when they all went off to university and always came back with odd socks and sometime other peoples’ too. Recently I have given up matching socks as my daughter would wear odd ones anyway!

  5. This is great I would be up for it. Although we don’t have a huge amount of spare socks! NO!!! I do not know the secret it’s just that I bundle them all into one sock make a huge ball and that is what the dog plays with. That is how I get rid of mine! He has hours of fun and I have no odd socks, win, win situation. xx

  6. I just throw all my unmatched socks away and buy new ones. I am sorry to say. No creative puppets or recycling of any kind. But they do sit in a basket just for them for a very long time before I do it. The thing is not to feel guilty about just chucking them! Don’t we have enough to feel guilty about?

  7. What do you mean single socks? Do you not have sock locks???

    Watch my video explanation on them:

    • I have seen your sock locks video before and admire you enormously but I am a (contentedly) disorganised person and I would lose the sock locks which would cause me stress and hissy fits so I shall use the opportunity to make puppets and toys and this will make me smile! ;-D xx

  8. I have an idea. Have a word with Mrs W at Clinically Fed-up….πŸ˜‰

  9. I LOVE the books. Why have I not seen them before. Have found a new place for my sock mountain though – the dog takes them and buries them in the garden….

  10. Sock creatures are wonderful, plus I have to say the boys love making oldfashioned sock puppets too with stick on googly eyes!

  11. God you’re so right. i keep them for ages hoping their twin will turn up, does it? does it heck. Well, at least it doestn’ until i throw the first sock away and then it turns up all shy and blushing saying “sorry i’ve been hiding, don’t be mad”.
    And of course i am mad and i throw that second sock into the bin with a rage inside of me.



  12. Moo loves her sock monkey, so definitely go for it!

    And actually I paid a fortune to get someone to make her a twin monkey, you know, just in case…

    But I confess, I’m a “stick them in the fabric bank at the recycling centre” kinda gal…

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