A Smile and a New Family Funny

This photo was taken at Bonus Boy’s first Harvest Festival which took place last week. He sang songs, he did the actions, he was chosen with his best friend to push the wheelbarrow of salt dough fruit and veg around the circle of children and parents. He was about ten feet tall and he grinned from ear to ear. When the children had done their stuff the parents and friends who had come to smile/weep and watch were served a mug of vegetable soup. Bonus Boy and his new classmates sat on the knees of the people who had come to see them and shared the soup. It was perfect.

Mr Thinly Spread couldn’t attend unfortunately so he de-briefed his boy that evening.

Mr TS: What did you do at school today?

BB: Um…Nothing

Mr TS:  Oh. Did anything special happen?

BB: Um…Nooooo

Mr TS: Did someone visit you at school today?

BB: OH, YES! Mummy came and we had soup

Mr TS: Soup? At school? How lucky! Why did you have soup?

BB: Um…it was Harvest Vegetable.

And so begins another family favourite saying. I have always loved Harvest Festival, I shall love Harvest Vegetable even more!

This post is written for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme is A Smile, do go and have a look at some more grins! While your clickety clicking around the interweb go and have a look at the excellent project which inspired this week’s themeDave Fowler’s fantastic Mona Lisa Million project.


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27 responses to “A Smile and a New Family Funny

  1. ahh that is gorgeous I love it. Harvest Vegetable! Beautiful piccie too. Mich x

  2. A scrumptious photo to go with scrumptious ‘Harvest Vegetable’! Lovely post Chris!

  3. That conversation is so familiar, “what did you do today?” “Nothing” in a sing song voice, “Really? Nothing!” “Well lots. But I don’t want to tell you about it” *sigh*
    Lovely smile on bonus boy🙂

  4. Harvest Vegetable!! Love it!!

  5. They say such wonderful things don’t they, and we laugh. However, if I said that my kids would think I was showing signs of demntia. It just isn’t fair!

    Lovely smile! x

  6. What a handsome boy and a wonderful smile and an even more wonderful story

  7. Lovely, Chris. They are soooo funny at that age, aren’t they?

  8. Beautiful! I used to love the harvest festivals in the UK too. They don’t do them in the NZ schools😦

    Your post brought back some happy memories from my own childhood.

    Happy Harvest Vegetable to you and your family!

  9. The picture made me smile, but the story made me smile more! Thank you.

  10. Jenny paulin

    What a gorgeous smile and a handsome son you have! Great story too made me smile aswell🙂

  11. Great story – love how you literally have to drag it out of them sometimes – but worth it when you do!

  12. Aww, thats brilliant! And what a lovely photo, he looks very pleased with himself!

  13. I like the sound of your Harvest Vegetable day. It always seemed to be a collection of out-of-date tinned food at ours.

    Love those tiny teeth!

  14. Harvest vegetable lol – fab photo🙂

  15. Awwww, I love that too — Harvest Vegetable!

  16. Paula

    LOL! Excellent – and he is such a gorgeous boy🙂

  17. Lovely photo. Definitely looks as pleased as punch (or should that be soup?) with himself.

    LCM x

  18. How sweet and what a handsome little boy you have with a gorgeous smile. x

  19. Living in the States now and hadn’t heard the words Harvest Vegetable in a while! Lovely! What a nice picture!

  20. Lovely photo, he has a great smile😉

  21. what a lovely photo and a great addition to the family vocab🙂 Big M is only 2.5 but we have already got some cracking sayings. Love it🙂

  22. Gorgeous smiley picture and lovely story🙂

  23. he is going to be a heartbreaker, gorgeous little lad you have there!

  24. What a great story to accompany a fab smile!

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