The Cone Liberation Front

There is, without doubt, a whiff of autumn in the air. The days of mellow fruitfulness and abundant harvest.

We have already gathered blackberries, raspberries and plums and have a satisfying cupboard full of chutneys and preserves. There will be more recipes popping up on Thinly Spread over the next few weeks as we forage and gather in but today I wanted to share some autumnal crafty fun.

On a woodland walk recently we gathered pockets full of fir cones. We use a lot at Christmas for decorations but some of them seemed to be shouting at us in desperation; ‘Release me, I’m trapped‘ and ‘Help, this isn’t who I really am‘. How could we resist?

This is a squirrel, please admire his bushy tail ( a red squirrel, naturally)

Here he is again, really shaking his tail feather! And, in his paws, a little acorn…can you see?!

Next up we have Mr E. Nip Once (anagram of Pine Cone) a gorgeous moggy partaking of a little fish supper.

This is Bonus Boy’s Mouse. This is all his own work and I was very impressed!

And here is Mr Mole just coming up for some air.

And finally, hiding herself behind her beautiful wings, Mrs Owl.

All work (apart from the mouse) copyright my daughter. She is available for cone commissions. I am her agent. Any requests?!

If you like getting crafty with kids and want more making and doing ideas pop over to Red Ted Art’s fabulous Get Crafty and to Nurture Stores’ Play Academy where you will find lot of ideas and links.


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20 responses to “The Cone Liberation Front

  1. Red Ted Art

    Oh yes, thes are definitely creatures asking to “come out”. Aren’t they simply adorable! Love em love em love em… Perfect for Autumn Get Crafty (not posting til 1 Nov😦 as Christams Get Crafty out frist!!!)!

    M xx

  2. Ah, lovely pictures. Autumn is possibly my favourite month. Walking and foraging is always a nice distraction.

  3. I love them all but that mole is just too gorgeous. Looks like he’s going to wriggle away back to cover of darkness any minute.

  4. I shall have a think about a commision as they are excellent! Does she allow for them opening & closing?!!🙂

  5. Ooo they are so very cute! Just gorgeous!

  6. amandab75

    Very cute! My daughter often collects pine cones, then they get forotten in the car and crushed! I really must get/make her a special collectors bag as she would love to make these!

  7. I love this. We used to do things with cones for Christmas – I still have loads of gold and silver ones that go in a dish on the table – but the kids have long forgotten even doing them. We always waited till they were fully open though after one of my two little charmers pointed out that from a distance the closed ones made the forest path look like it was covered in dog poo…

  8. They are just adorable and very very clever too

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  10. Thanks so much for linking up with the Play Academy. Mrs. Owl’s my favourite.

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