Bonus Boy’s Big Day

After all the build up it has finally happened. Bonus Boy has started school.

I had a little think over the weekend, I’m not usually one for self-analysis and navel gazing but this is quite a big moment. I came to the conclusion that it is probably a bigger moment for me than it is for him. He is being eased into school slowly, he is in a class with his best friend, he is very happy. After a brief moment of nervousness on Friday morning (which was more about being unsure where to put his things and being overwhelmed by the number of adults milling around to say goodbye to their little ones) he sat himself down on a bean bag in the book corner and chose a book. Self contained. Marvellous.

I didn’t bawl my eyes out. Like Paula over at Battling On, I was a bit numb. 14 years of being Mummy to pre school children is over and I’m not sure yet how to feel about that. But he is fine and that is what matters on your first day at school.

He found out that you can still be Superman even in your uniform

He enjoyed all the attention of the goodbye, good luck cuddles from his siblings

He was quite excited

He got a bit fed up with the camera and wanted to go, ‘RIGHT NOW’ (I like that he’s standing next to the height chart here!)

And when he came home he changed his trousers, climbed a tree and blew bubbles.

This was written for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. The theme this week is Back to School, pop over and have a read, take your tissues.


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39 responses to “Bonus Boy’s Big Day

  1. Lovely post Chris – we are numb mums together xx

  2. Red Ted Art

    Ah, looks like he had a lovely day. What a big boy he is! Love it that you can still be superman in a school uniform!!!

    Maggy x

  3. He looks amazing, There are so many of us with new starters

  4. I need to post about my girl starting at 6th form college! So many of you are having the excitement of a first day at school I want to join in.. Lovely photos, he’s a cutie🙂

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  6. So glad there is this fab record of such an immense happening! He takes such a brill photo!

  7. Lovely post, gorgeous pictures.

  8. Fantastic! I’m sure I’m going to sob when my bonus boy starts big boy school as we call it. Lovely photos. x

  9. Oh bless him, and well done you for not bawling. My little girl has started too and came out on her first day with a painting of Autumn leaves and her clip falling out of her hair, looking really happy. Definitely a “big girl” now.

    I meanwhile have more freedom than I can ever remember. Feels pretty good I have to say.

  10. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    Your boy is absolutely gorgeous. I know you know that, but it needed saying. My tears took me completely by surprise, maybe yours will too, or maybe you’ve had so long to get used to the idea that you’re actually OK. Exciting times xxx

  11. Brilliant photos! He looks so excited, glad he had a good time

  12. Great photos, my favourite is the one with him next to the height chart. I’m so glad BG doesn’t go to school for a few more years x

  13. oh what a big grown up boy. he looks like he was well up for the challenge of big school🙂

    (I may have to steal your idea for measuring the kids – genius!)

  14. He is adorable and you are obviously a fabulous and very lovely mummy🙂

  15. Oh! He is just beautiful. I’m so glad he had a lovely day – and that you survived it too!

  16. Oh sniff sniff…what lovely lovely photos! I agree, it’s ok for them, it’s not for us.

    My school starter has also been anxious about where stuff goes etc. It was colder today so I told him I’d take a coat for him. He immediately looked anxious and said, “But will everyone else have a coat?”

    I wanted to lie down right there and howl. Peer pressure and the need to conform already so ingrained, 4 days in. Last week he liked wearing make up and clips in his hair. Those days are gone.


  17. Aw, he looks a great kid! High five to him for seemingly taking it in his stride too. That is half the battle (no, not the other numb mum).🙂

  18. Wow! You have a lot of comments!
    He is gorgeous !!glad it went well for him even if it was hard for you! I am sure he will make you as proud as you are of him:)

  19. Sorry, so behind with commenting! Lovely post, Chris. Glad he’s taken to it so well, like my little one. I would much rather have it this way round. And Missy still comes up to me and tells me I’m the bestest mummy in the world or “I love you, Mummy” in a plaintive little voice. Normally when she wants something but hey.

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