Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Tomorrow morning my fourth and final child will stride out in his new shoes, socks, trousers, shirt and jumper with his book bag in his hand and a skip in his step. Buttoned up but not buttoned down.

I will try very hard to be like the lady on the telly who pops her child into a space suit and sends him off on his new adventure. I will smile and encourage, I will deliver him calmly and gently to his class.

I will not hold him to my chest and suffocate him in my not so ample bosom, I will not collapse on the pavement and bawl my eyes out, I will  not rush into the classroom yelling ‘I’m not ready for this, give him back!’ Even though I really want to.

He is ready to go. He is excited. He wants to learn to read. I am ready to reclaim a bit of the other me. I have work set up and ready to go and deadlines screaming in my ear BUT… I have been Mum to pre-school children for 14 years and it has been such fun and I will miss it.

We will still make time for flying practice

And for bouncing really high on the big pink bottom

We will still walk with robot legs

And arrest some baddies

We will walk in the sunshine and laugh in the rain. We will build dens and plant stuff. We will make treasure maps and bake biscuits. We will get messy with gloop and chitter chatter while we do it.

But where did the time go?


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63 responses to “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

  1. Awww, good luck x This post brought a tear to my eye. What precious times you’ve had and you still have so many more ahead x

  2. Just sent our last off to first grade and our first off to High School… And I too wonder where did the time go?

  3. oh what a lovely post! I was feeling some of that when DD started school so many years ago, even though I wasn’t a SAHM and we only have the one.

    It’s a big step, but you are right, they love it an can’t wait! When they are ready to go it’s a bitter-sweet thing to watch them.

    Now DD is 10yo and starts year 6 today, walking to school by herself, really a ‘big’ girl, terrifying.

    I have no idea how we mums will cope when they leave home, have a nervous breakdown I suspect! Good luck.

    • My DD is 10 too! The walking to school thing is such a big one! She’s been doing it for a year (we have the middle school system here) but with her brother. They would both like to branch out on their own now which I can understand but I am a bit reluctant because she is so dizzy! My eldest will, in all likelihood, be gone in 4 years time….oh my!

  4. Those pictures of your baby boy (specially the robot legs!) are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ve given you some thoughts each day this week Chris as I know you have been dreading BB going off. I know you are excited for him & I know you have lots of adventures planned for yourself but I also know those first few hours will be tricky! *hugs*

  6. Lovely post, Chris. Hope it goes well tomorrow. x

  7. Hope he has a lovely day and that you were ok? What a lovely post xx

  8. Really really beautiful. Love the bouncing one.

  9. I can so relate to your post. I have another year before my littlest one goes off to “big boy” school so until them I plan to enjoy my time with him. Big hugs to you. x

    PS I definitely plan on doing robot legs with him! Love that idea!

  10. What a great post and I love your photos – the robot legs are hilarious! I have all this to come as my eldest is only just two. I can see that it must be a daunting time – big changes thrust upon you that although obviously you knew it was coming, can still sneak up and take you by surprise.

  11. I am in the same boat. My youngest started today – she looked so sweet in her little uniform. Good luck. x

  12. mum

    Oh where did the time go. I have so enjoyed being
    closer and being part of bonus boy, thank you for that. I have also enjoyed this holiday, sleep over and golf! Thinking of you tomorrow, you know where I am! Love the photos.

  13. I have tears in my eyes. He is a beautiful little boy. I so remember those days. My “baby” just called me to vent about how awful many of her high school students are: she now teaches Spanish at a large, urban high school. She got married this summer. She lives in her own house. How did this possibly happen? love to you, molly

  14. Oh, wow. This must be quite a time for you. As you say, time to reclaim a bit of “you”. I found this great joke about mothers. I tried to work it into my post but couldn’t. It’s by the American comedian, Steven Wright…
    “”I can remember the first time I had to go to sleep. Mom said, ‘Steven, time to go to sleep.’ I said, ‘But I don’t know how.’ She said, ‘It’s real easy. Just go down to the end of tired and hang a left.’ So I went down to the end of tired, and just out of curiosity I hung a right. My mother was there, and she said ‘I thought I told you to go to sleep.'”
    14 years and a job well done. But not yet over.🙂

  15. Big, big, big hugs to you for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you! xXx. But also remember to give yourself a hug, for raising a wonderful little person who is so obviously thrilled and excited at the prospect of a new adventure at ‘big school’. Well done you! Gold Star!

  16. EmmaR

    Well, I’m a blubbering wreck reading this! The time has flown. BB was the first baby I had ever been really close to and to have been part of your lovely pre-school time has been a huge gift. And the new era will be full of joy-I’m sure. But just now I’m doing a bit of the wailing for you!xxxxxxx

  17. Aww it just goes all to fast😦 I’m so glad I’m getting the chance to start it all again! Love those robot legs!

  18. Mrs Spooner

    What a moving post.
    I write this as a Headteacher ready to welcome 12 new children to our village primary school and to the next big adventure in their precious lives.
    I also write this as a mother and grandma who will always make time for flying practice and constantly wonders where the time has gone. xx

  19. Lovely post and great pics. I hope the day wasn’t too painful for you. Reading all the comments I’m beginning to think there was something wrong with me. I don’t remember these feelings when mine went off to school especially by the time it came to Ben my youngest starting school.

    I do however miss watching their plays and school assemblies, not so much sports days because my tummy would churn at memories of my own sports days. Time does go by so quickly but it also opens new chapters for you. xx

  20. Such a lovely post and you have me bawling my eyes out here! My number three (of four) will be starting out on her very own big school adventure in a week or so and I am an emotional wreck at the thought of it all – even though like your little one – she is beyond excited to be starting big school!
    Big hugs xxxxxxxx

    • *passes a tissue from nearly empty box*…sorry, didn’t mean to make you bawl! He had a lovely morning and I buried myself in work so the time flew. I didn’t like that he smelled of school when he came home! I hope it’s not too traumatic with your number 3! There’ll be a virtual hug waiting for you here! xxx

  21. fucks sake … in bloody tears again .. thanks ! x

  22. Just lovely. Gorgeous photos too. I’m dreading next year when my baby girl starts at secondary school, I know I’ll be in bits then.

  23. Sue (jomica)

    Lovely post, Christine, and great pix.

    Where do those years go? I’ve been asking myself that recently as I get my eldest son ready for university. It seems only two minutes since he was at the same stage as your youngest.

    At every stage of their lives they’re craving independence – whether it’s learning to sit up, crawl or walk or choosing degree subjects and dreaming of faraway places and dingy student accommodation. It’s our job to facilitate it, stand back and be proud of them, hug them … and even weep a few tears (but “preferably when I’m not looking, Mum”).

    It’s a big day for a little fella, starting school. I’m sure he’s rightly proud of his achievements and that you’ll very (very) quickly get used to having a bit of independence yourself … even if only between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm! 🙂

    • You are right and I’ve been here 3 times before but it doesn’t get any easier! Last time when DD started school I had 6 months of freedom before Bonus Boy surprised us all by making his presence felt…I am being VERY careful this time!

  24. amy

    a lovely post!! my 2eldest daughters are in full time school now and it only feels like yesterday they were tiny babies sigh

    • My number 4 is the spitting image of my number 1 who is now towering over me…I have to pinch myself sometimes. It all goes so fast and then you get chucked out of the wave and gasp ‘where did the time go?’ but, oh, what a ride! x

  25. That was just lovely🙂

  26. Very moving post. Really lovely. And I love the robot legs.

  27. What a lovely post, and such lovely pics to go with it, they really made me smile.

    My little boy smelled of school and I, too, didn’t like it. He grows bigger every day but it’s the little details like that which show me he’s growing up! Glad to hear your fella’s day went well x

  28. Jenny paulin

    Oh my that has brought tears to my eyes. Such gorgeous photos and beautiful words. I know I will feel exactly the same when B starts on his schooling adventure xx

  29. You know I feel the same. I often wish we could have had more and we have talked about adopting this week. Mini is ready and I will smile for him and then fall to peices on Monday

  30. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    Oh god, you’ve made me all tearful. What gorgeous photos and beautiful words. I hope there’s always enough time for flying practise.

    • So do I! And dancing…and singing…and laughing…and hopping because you can’t be bothered to find another shoe but you want to wave Daddy off to work and pretending to be Link with sword and shield…and..and..and! x

  31. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    That should be practice, obviously x

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  34. Oh, this is beautiful. My little chick is at nursery 4 days a week now, but it’s not the same as next year when he’s at school and in the system. I imagine I’ll be bereft when he starts properly next September.

    I loved the tiny baby photo especially – just so lovely. xxx

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