One Sunday In August

This week’s Gallery entries are united as we all take a picture on one day in August, all on the same day and all thinking about three remarkable women who are making an extraordinary journey across the world. Josie, Sian and Eva have flown to Bangladesh to help raise awareness of the work Save the Children are doing to help mothers who are dealing with situations we can’t even imagine.

As I watched two of my children playing together on Sunday, carefree and happy, my worries about our lives were tiny and insignificant. When I turned on the tap clean, fresh water gushed into glasses. I walked a few paces to the cupboards and fridge to put together an evening meal. I tucked them into warm, comfortable beds. We all slept safely.

We are so very lucky.

My photograph was taken on Sunday 29th August at 9.51 am. They have full stomachs. They are well. They are happy. They are being a monster with two heads!

Please visit Sticky Fingers to see the other entries and go to Josie, Sian and Eva‘s blogs to see what they are writing about their trip to Bangladesh.


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20 responses to “One Sunday In August

  1. Red Ted Art

    Aaaahh how cute. What a lovely two headed monster. We are indeed lucky!


  2. What a beautiful photo! Speaks volumes!

  3. They look so alike!! Lovely photo:) Jen

  4. What a beautiful photograph🙂

  5. They really look so happy!

  6. They look like they are having so much fun, how gorgeous xx

  7. Love it, they look like they are having a complete ball!

    Mich x

  8. Not quite sure who’s hair belongs to whom, but who cares!! As PhotoPuddle says they look so happy … and they look sooo much like you you lucky lady. Gorgeous post x

  9. What happy beautiful children you have! Lovely post🙂

  10. Ah that’s a fab photo – all smiles and silliness.

    Very moving sentiments too.

  11. What a lovely monster! Great post and gorgeous picture!

  12. Aw, what a super picture. Your post highlights perfectly the contrast between the comfortable west and the impoverished third world. Great stuff.

  13. Great photo, they look so happy😉

  14. Am I the only one who found the 2-headed monster scary?😉
    Great stuff.

  15. i am loving the laughter shot!

  16. Such a gorgeous picture and lovely post, they do look so happy!🙂

  17. they look like they are having the best fun🙂 great photo

  18. What a lovely picture. I like the way there’s no distracting stuff in it, it’s just all about the kids. I really agree with your post too, we should all remember how lucky we really are.

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