When It Works It’s Wonderful!

Sibling shenanigans are the bane of my life. I have spent hours deep in negotiation trying to get one child to see the other’s point of view. Trying to explain that the other child is much younger and may seem to be being unreasonable but is actually acting their age. Trying to come to a compromise where no-one loses face and peace can be restored. If Mum’s ran peace talks the world would be a better place.

The arrival of the Summer holidays means negotiations can take place every five minutes as, with four children all jockeying for position, there is usually someone who feels hard done by. I feel like a limp lettuce by the end of the day but then I  look up from some pointless piece of housework and see this and all is right in my world.

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What are your top tips for dealing with sibling squabbles?


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15 responses to “When It Works It’s Wonderful!

  1. I’m sitting here having a coffee listening to my two argue over a blue crayon – it is not the only blue crayon in the box mind you.

    Looking at those pictures has restored some peace to my mind because mine “can” play together beautifully too, sometimes, honest!

    btw, your daughter has the most amazing hair! *jealous*

  2. Wonderful images. I only have two but boy oh boy are we having issues at the moment! I guess the biggest issue for me is that they are nearly the same age and they want the same things, but are not at the same stage.

    I tell them to talk it out a lot, but Mini is hitting too much, so I have resorted to seperate rooms. I am looking forward to seeing what tips you get!

  3. I leave the squabbling pair for a short time to sort it out themselves – if it escalates (shouting, hitting, fighting, hurling items at one another…) I do intervene – split them up, listen to both sides, get appropriate apologies and send them on their way.

  4. What lovely pictures. You sum it up so well. Mine are only little at the moment, and I only have 2 but I love the sentiment that life is made immeasurably better when you look up from some ‘pointless bit of housework’ and see them playing. Lovely, simple post.

  5. Top Tips?! I came here for answers Mosler! We have a 5 minute interlude between fights, it’s a temporary blip though….I’m exhausted with negotations, but I’m trying REALLY hard. *falls over from the effort*


  6. Aaw! That is just so lovely to see🙂 My current solution is to separate them: one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in France…

  7. I think you should pin some of these fab pics somewhere prominent when they are falling out! Brill!

  8. Mine don’t fight often, we’re at the stage where they love being with each other and playing together (long may it last lol). When they do fight I just separate them for five minutes and they soon want to make friends so they can play together again….

  9. I think my negotiating skills with the children came in very useful when I became a CAB advisor!
    Impartial, confidential and non-judgemental are the key words!

  10. Aw, that’s lovely. They are best friends really!

  11. No answers from me either, sorry – am very lucky in that my two generally get on very well (although of course they have their moments like all kids). More often than not they gang up on me together! Lovely pics of your two. x

  12. Stop at one child?!! Just kidding… but i only have one so far and so don’t know how I’d cope with the squabbling.

  13. It’s great when peace breaks out, isn’t it? I marvel how the dynamic between my kids can turn on a sixpence. One nanosecond they’re playing, the next it’s modern warfare. Their closeness in age means they can entertain each other better than children with bigger age gaps, but sometimes they just NEED space between each other.

  14. I just curl up in to a fetal position, stick my fingers in my ears and sing tra-la-la-laaaa! Doesn’t everyone?

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