‘Playtime’ or ‘Losing Each Other Can Be Such Fun!’

This follows on nicely from my recent post ‘Amazing Maize or Things To Do With A Cheese Puff’ and fits in well with this week’s Gallery theme ‘Playtime‘.

If you read my original post, where we were avoiding the screen by making things with maize and Wotsits, you will recall that I said we would be visiting a maize maze during the holidays. Unfortunately the Maize Maze near us isn’t open this year but the holiday seems to have taken on a bit of a Maze theme nevertheless. Last Wednesday we visited the enormous hedge maze at Longleat and managed to lose each other nicely.

However it  was very crowded so this week, by popular demand, we revisited a new discovery. Hidden away in a meadow down by the river in Bradford-on Avon this has been planted:

It feels like a delicious secret. We have visited three times and each time we have been the only people there! It tempts us in

And we can’t help but lose ourselves. Playtime with the Thinly Spreads

There was a little bit of cheating

And then it spat us out!


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30 responses to “‘Playtime’ or ‘Losing Each Other Can Be Such Fun!’

  1. It looks so much fun, one of those times when I wish mine were bigger and I could just let them loose to run around.. it will come! (too soon probably…)

  2. Looks like loads of fun! I absolutely adore mazes! Not sure why, but there you go! =)

  3. Lots of greenery to hide in! I would need some help though. I get terribly disorientated in mazes!

  4. We did the maze at Longleat on Saturday, and thanks to no1 and no2, we made it through in ten minutes. I don’t know how they did it, but the woman on the entry gate was astounded!

  5. Great photos🙂 Have to admit I get claustrophobic and found it really hard going into the maize maze near us lol

  6. Gosh, looks like such fun. I was born without a sense of direction though so this would be right up there with skydiving. Hubby and little man would probably have a ball!

  7. Beautiful photos! Don’t think we have mazes here, not that I know of. It looks like a lot of fun:-)

  8. Looks great fun. It makes me think of Field of Dreams or Harry Potter.

    I went to one at Avon Valley Country Park recently – that was good. That might be the one near you but my geography’s hopeless. I can get lost in the one at Hampton Court no problem. I usually just stand in one place and shout ‘Help!’

  9. How great is that. What a find. Fun! Lovely photos too.🙂

  10. Really great shots – love the ‘jungly’ ones🙂

  11. I haven’t been to a maze in years – we visited Longleat years ago too – love it there🙂

  12. Great pics! I love how mazes always feel that little bit magical!

  13. whatdidyoudotodaymama

    That looks like so much fun. Can’t wait till Evie’s bigger and we can do things like that.

  14. Wow, it really looks like you were having some great fun there😉

  15. Red Ted Art

    Oh! I want a big “bushy” thing like that! How fun. And what a great thinly spread secret! Looks like you have a great time there… what a brilliant find!

    Maggy x

  16. I love walking in and around a maze. It’s been years since I have visit one though hmmmm need to rectify that and fast.
    Great shots showing your kids weaving their way through the maize maze!!

  17. So much fun! The one near my parents is very historically important but utterly rubbish because it has no walls just paths…. so impossible to get lost! What’s the point of that?!

  18. mummywalker

    How cool! I haven’t been in a maze for years and years. What fun!

  19. Fantastic!! Love this…I love a good maze although alas my littlies and a maze probably aren’t a good idea…give them a few years and we’ll be off though.

    Fab photos. x

  20. parklover

    Looks like fun! We have friends with kids in Bradford-On-Avon, I’ll have to send them a link!

  21. Wow, it looks like so much fun!

  22. mum

    Remember going with you to Longleat and the young ones leaving me to get lost. Had to wait for the sensitive one to rescue me, I could be there still !

  23. Such lovely photographs – I’ve not done a maze with the children because I can’t stand being lost….

  24. Lovely photos – and you have now given me a destination for future trips.

    Merci mon amie!

    LCM x

  25. Lovely photos, does look very fun! Not so sure about mazes myself though, was always a bit afraid of them like the house of mirrors! x

  26. Looks like you all had lots of fun! We’re going fruit picking today and there’s a maize maze there, so I’m hoping the rain will hold off and I can ‘lose’ the boys in it for a while! Lovely photos! Helen

  27. Oh, this looks like so much fun! We need to go find a maze!

  28. Rosie

    Oh wow! I am a new reader and have only been following for a few days, but I was amazed (eep the puns are contagious) to see that you are located near Bradford-on-Avon. I am a currently living in Australia after moving and studying in a variety of countries, but I was born in Bath and spent the first 5 years of my life in Bradford-on-Avon. I generally expect the blogs I stumble upon to be American and it’s a pleasant surprise and reminder of the place I first called home 27 years ago!

    • Hello! So glad you found me, we are a twenty minute drive from Bradford-on-Avon and are often to be found strolling along the river banks or along the canal tow path! I expect it will pop up here again soon with more photos especially for you! x

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