Simple But Oh So Satisfying!

It’s time to get a bit chocolaty on Thinly Spread! This quick five-minute activity will be familiar to many of you. It caused such a stir on Twitter when I mentioned it yesterday that I promised I would write a post and remind people of the recipe! It’s time to revisit your childhood with your own children! Ladies and Gentlemen the Thinly Spreads do



300g chocolate (milk or plain)

150g Rice Krispies

A Bowl, A Spoon, Cake Cases (about 30) and Some Willing Helpers

1. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt it in a bowl set over a pan of hot water (if you have a 14/12/10 year old available as I do they can do this bit!) While you or the big kids are slaving over the hot stove small can lay the cake cases out ready

2. Stir the Rice Krispies into the lovely gooey chocolate

3. Spoon into the cake cases and decorate with generous handfuls of sprinkly things

4. Put them in the fridge to chill and tidy up where you’ve been. This may involve getting a bit chocolaty.

5.. Remove from the fridge about an hour later once the chocolate has set. (No, we didn’t wait this long don’t be silly! We removed them after about 20 minutes while they were still a bit gooey, scoffed a few, then put the rest back to set properly!) Allow Mum to take a quick arty photo of our results

And then let the teen loose and watch them vanish!

Kellogg’s boxes all have delicious recipe ideas on the back at the moment and they also have a web page devoted to them, you can find it here. Disappointingly the recipe for coconut ghosts which is on the back of the packet we currently have isn’t on there so I shall be cutting it out and saving it for Halloween – I do like to be prepared!


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18 responses to “Simple But Oh So Satisfying!

  1. How come chocolate always gets on little boys’ faces?!Yummy!

  2. Michelle

    Owww yum!!!! Will make this recipe for sure.

  3. Lovely. You’ve reminded me – I discovered krispie marshmallow/white chocolate squares which are great for girlies as they go pink. Made with my little girl one day when her big brother was at nursery and have become a regular make in this house. Perhaps I’ll blog them soon.

  4. Have you tried making something very similar with corn flakes? Of course you only make tiny hepas of chocolate/corn flake disaster, with help of 2 teaspoons, on non-sticky surface (parchment paper). If you add almond slivers, they’re perfect!

    (Of course you can add tastes like cinnamon, orange or whatever you want, but the plain ones are the best.)

    • We’ve made them with most cereals but I think Rice Krispies and All Bran work best (All Bran for nests at Easter) and I have fiddles with flavours but, as you say, you can’t beat the plain old chocolaty ones! (Haven’t tried cinnamon actually…may have to do those at Christmas!)

  5. Red Ted Art

    Yummy scrummy! Will be making some at Easter with Red Ted me thinks… add some cadbury’s eggs…


    Maggy x

  6. LOVE the chocolatey face pic:D Jen

  7. mrsljhall

    What a lovely mummy you are! Looks like he had a whale of a time!

  8. I always sneak a few raisins in to pretend they are one of our five a day…

  9. We love those here…and yes the coconut ghosts sound lovely don’t they. :0)

  10. You can’t beat a good old fashioned crispy cake can you….

    We tried to fancy them up by adding little marshmallows n even a chopped up fudge bar once but we’ve come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t mess with perfection😉

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