The Greatest Gift – Sharing Nature With Children

It’s Gallery time again and this week’s topic is a simple one, ‘Nature’.

I love being out and about with my family and the easiest days out are those which involve nothing more than a stroll in a forest or a wander along the beach.  The children are very good at looking now, at seeing the wonder in patterns, shapes and colours, at getting up close and observing the tiny details.

I think it is one of the best gifts you can give a child to show them how to find delight in the small but miraculous things in life.

That there are surprises waiting for those who take the time to look

How important it is to look up and appreciate the wonder in the landscape

To grow enormous and beautiful things from tiny seeds

To appreciate colour, texture, scent and form

To understand that life is circular that all around us there is death and renewal

To realise how tiny we are in the bigger picture

And how perfect


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46 responses to “The Greatest Gift – Sharing Nature With Children

  1. Paula

    Beautiful Chris – really gorgeous. I love the starfish, that’s really special, but they’re all fab! xx

  2. Fabulous pictures! I think my favourite is the cliffs – just awe-inspiring!

  3. Lovely photos & even lovelier words. What amazing things the world has to offer our children.

  4. Gorgeous, i love the long eyelashes and the form of the rose.

  5. Red Ted Art

    Oh my, what a wonderful post! Love how you have focussed on what we teach our children. You are so right! And that last photo is simply too gorgeous!


  6. what a fab post. I love all the pictures, but my favourite is the last one🙂

  7. Lovely post with great pictures, my favourite is the one with the rainbow😉

  8. Lovely post, Christine – it comes together beautifully. Well done!

  9. Beautiful post🙂 I love that starfish photo🙂

  10. These pictures are all fab. The colours on that sunflower are brilliant. It is a sunflower, isn’t it? /sheepish

  11. Fantastic! It made me laugh to see the starfish – I have been redecorating my 7 year old’s room and found a starfish in the debris…it gave me a shock, but I was also tickled that she had a souvenir that didn’t cost money and wasn’t made of plastic.

  12. Ah, so very beautiful and true. I love the way you’ve expressed your love of nature and how you share it with your children.

  13. Fantastic pictures – I love all the contrasts.

  14. Lovely post….I especially like the last one- gorgeous. We do have to take take sometimes to look around us and appreciate it. Thanks for reminding us. X

    • It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses and strains of everyday life isn’t it? Stopping to look around us and to take a deep breath of life can be just what is needed. xx

  15. Oh these are WONDERFUL. I especially adore the first two shots, and the overall sentiment. I was thinking of going that route myself but I couldnt’ get the words together. That’s always my problem, I have the visuals but not the words.

    You’re so right, my little boys see the world so differently from me. Because they have time, they’re not in a rush, their curiosity hasn’t been sapped from them and they are smaller and thus see the world from a different perspective.

    I wish I could slow down and see the world through their eyes more often! x

    • I love going at my youngest’s pace and, because he is the 4th and I am older and I haven’t got the others round my ankles at the same time this time, I do. He has shown me so much! Thank you so much for popping by, it’s great to ‘meet’ you! x

  16. Ah, lovely post and fab photos🙂 Jen

  17. All gorgeous photographs🙂 Nature has been a lovely theme🙂

  18. ‘To understand that life is circular that all around us there is death and renewal’ – so true and important – we planted some daffodil bulbs when we buried our cat and when the flowers come up tell them our cat is helping to grow the flowers!

  19. There is always so much more to your blogs than just ‘blogs’. I never read a post of yours just once, but again and again – seeing new things in them each time. I love the fact that I see the world with your eyes but that you voice so much of what sits inside of me. Thanks for sharing this Chris. It’s just beautiful. xx

  20. ria

    Wow what fabulous photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog.🙂 I❤ the rainbow and sunflower.

  21. What a fabulous post! I love the words with the pictures. The photos of the dead leaves and the flowers is just stunning, especially when joined with the words. Beautiful! x

  22. Such a beautiful post, and the pictures are stunning.

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