You know you’re a Mum when…

I thought I’d start a little meme. The rules are basic, write a little list of things which mark you out as a Mum (or Dad), link back to this post (thank you) and offer the  meme up to some other bloggers who you think will enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if you have tiny babies or birds which have already flown, if you’re a parent I want to know what marks you out as one!

I didn’t have a fancy badge to offer you but now I have thanks to the very lovely Tattooed Mummy at Random Musings of A Tattoed Mummy! It’s down there at the bottom of this page, feel free to use it!

Here are ten things which mark me out a Mum to tots and teens:

1. There is a pink bear hanging on your washing line

2. You have Sugar Puffs stuck to your feet/in your hair/in your bed/down your bra

3. You have a little bit of sick/snot/porridge on your shoulder and you either don’t realise and go out to work/the theatre/dinner with child free friends or you do realise and decide to just rub it in and no-one will notice

4. You buy more pairs of shoes for your teenage son than you do for yourself and you walk straight through the women’s section of H&M, jump on the escalator and head to the men’s section for him with little more than a wistful glance at the lovely summery clothes you could be wearing if only he would stop growing

5. The garden you love and tend resembles a war zone because your smallest child has decided to take up basketball/frisbee/football/tennis/cricket and has broken a fair few pots and lopped the tops off a fair few plants

6. You re-read the same book night after night after night through gritted teeth, unable to skip words because your child has a memory like an elephant/is beginning to recognise words/can spot a tired Mummy from a mile off and thinks it’s funny to stretch story time out for as long as possible. When he goes off the book, several weeks down the line, you feel sad and when he grows out of it completely it is you who cannot throw it away and who stores it in a special box

7. Your car resembles a skip (have a look at Paula’s car on Battling On!)

8. You spend Saturday mornings ferrying children to dance classes/parties/band practice instead of in bed recovering from Friday night. (This is also because Friday night doesn’t really happen anymore and instead of being out on the town you are more likely to be found flopped on the sofa or ferrying children around to social lives far more vibrant than your own.)

9. You eat the leftovers off people’s plates and think this is normal

10. However annoying they’ve been, however hard the day was, when you tuck them in at night and they are all warm, soft and sleepy with dirty ears and grazed knees you forgive them everything and your heart melts

If you would like to pick up the baton and run with it, please do! Oh, and please leave a comment because they make me happy!🙂

And, again thanks to Tattooed Mummy, here’s a badge for the Dads!


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43 responses to “You know you’re a Mum when…

  1. Great Meme! (but you need a badge😉 ) a badge of honour! I’ll certainly do a version of this when I get a minute…..

    1. you know you’re a mummy when, you have no time to blog, read blogs you follow, or make much of a comment on blogs you love🙂

  2. Paula

    I’m ashamed to say my car is worse than ever. Great post – all so, so true! Ooh yes, a badge would be good🙂

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  4. Catherine Osborn

    Great post and fab idea! Here’s mine

  5. Catherine Osborn

    Forgot to say, BTW, the book that child #2 insists on having every night is Peppa Pig. Fortunately, they’re short as she shows no sign of outgrowing them!

  6. Sue

    Great blog!

    You know you’re a mum of three teenage boys when the fridge is empty (again) ten minutes after you spent £120 at Tesco, unloaded the car, packed up the cupboards and left fridge-guard duty for just long enough to have that cold cuppa you didn’t have time to drink on the way out ….

  7. Lady Scribbles

    I love this idea.🙂 And my favourite on your list was #6. ~ Hazel

  8. This made me laugh out loud, and I LOVED IT. I would add, as a Mom of adults, you know you are a Mum when the phone rings, and you are afraid to answer it because it might be: your daughter telling you she needs money, or your daughter telling you she has decided not to have any children. You are also a Mum when your casserole dishes are all gone, because they have been sent to your hard working daughter’s house full of frozen casseroles, and she has never returned any of them. I could go on and on, but you will get there soon enough! love to you, molly

  9. drop4three

    Brilliant meme, and I shall be happy to do a dad’s version, and whilst some will be similar (I am forever haunted by sugar puffs) some will be very different.

  10. Great love this will be doing this later x

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  12. I have done mine, and I have tagged people. Here it is xx

  13. Ooh, for us it’s raisins. They’re everywhere. And Ikea pencils.

  14. What a good idea – and great badges, I shall have a go if that’s ok?

  15. Love number 4: though it’s a teenage daughter in my case, and the problem is that we BOTH keep growing, so she needs new stuff, and I have to head for more suitable shops than H&M😦

  16. So hey, I could have done with finding this at the beginning of my holiday … darnit. Now out of hols and out of time, but shall note things down as I go and maybe this time next year you’ll have 10 points and we can start the meme going again!?
    (Just loved yours. Fab, fab and true-ly funny x)

  17. What great badges – well done tattooed mummy!
    i love your answer to this meme and can relate to them all. cereal on feet in particular. and much worse on my soles than that!


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  19. Puffs had me rolling … Such a fab post Chris and great idea to set it up as a meme.
    Had to get onboard, so here’s mine:

    Enjoy xx

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  22. A brilliant idea for a meme, I have all these things yet to come apart from the eating off other people’s plates. I’ve done that a few times and had some odd glances from child-less friends. I must remember it is not the norm.

    Thanks so much for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  23. @somethingblue_2

    What a brilliant post! I love it. No 3 resonates with me especially as I can clearly recall asking OH if the baby sick was REALLY that noticeable down my jeans or could I get away with going out in them?! I think that’s a scenario that only other parents could understand! x

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