Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

Here is Part Four of my series ‘Things To Do In The Holidays Which Don’t Involve A Screen’. So far I have given you Gloop, we have made things out of maize snacks and we have been on safari. These activities are difficult to top but we scratched our heads, pooled our limited resources and we give you…


All that is needed to make these magnificent beasties is a handful of cocktail sticks and some fruits, vegetables and herbs. I did help Bonus Boy with the cocktail sticks as they are sharp but he chopped the bottom off his potato himself as he is very used to cutting up vegetables using his ‘My Safe Cutter’ knife.

Chip the Cat by Bonus Boy

Patchwork the Panda with bamboo

Stix the Horse

Parsnip the Unicorn

Marvin the Meeow-vellous

Marvin wanted to show you his best side

Go on, give it a go! It kept my lot absorbed for quite some time and Bonus Boy is desperate to have another go tomorrow. This may end up costing a small fortune in man-handled vegetables but the grins are worth it!


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16 responses to “Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

  1. Will they get upset when they have to eat them though?!😉

  2. Brilliant, it’s on the list!

  3. Why did I never think of that when mine was younger? Love the parsnip unicorn.

  4. I love these! Piglet is a bit too young but I may have to have a go myself😀

  5. Fabulous – gave us a good laugh (and a great idea) on a lacklustre Friday

    • what a great idea! love it – will try it with mine who on day one of the holidays have already started gravitating towards any screen they can find – tv, laptop, game – argghhh!

  6. You are very imaginative.

  7. LOL we love Stix the horse!

    You couldn’t possibly eat them – that would be mean😉

  8. Awww, this looks like so much fun! I may have to try this!

  9. Red Ted Art

    Oh Christine,these are fabulous!!! Can we include them in Summer Get Crafty – our carrots are just sprouting, so think carrot animals count as summer… plus your theme is “what to do in the holidays?”

    M x

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