Can You See What It Is Yet?

I had difficulty getting beyond my dodgy Rolf Harris impersonation and the desire to find sheet metal and improvise with a wobble board while making strange huffa noises for this week’s Gallery!

I was to be found prowling the house yesterday, camera in hand, scowl on face as I tried to meet this week’s deadline.

Tara challenged us to take photos at unusual angles or in extreme close up and for YOU dear reader to guess what they are. It was a toughy but here you go!

Can you guess what they are yet?

Answers in a comment please and I will reveal the answers here on Friday.

This post was inspired by The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Pop over there, look at some of the other posts and scratch your head trying to work out what people have taken pictures of this week!


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15 responses to “Can You See What It Is Yet?

  1. Hmm ok so I think the first one is a redcurrant and the second one looks like some mashed up pumpkin to me which is probably miles off track lol

  2. These are tough.

    Hmm a red shiny knob – no idea!

    A sponge?

  3. the first one looks like an eye (surely not) and the second a lovely bit of buttery crumpet

  4. veryanniemary

    I’m going with a red bead and a sea sponge.

    I thought of you recently as I struggled up the hill to see the fossil forrest at Lulworth. I would never have known it was there if it wasn’t for your blog about it…

  5. is the 2nd one an orange? and the 1st one looks like a xmas bauble!??

  6. second looks like a sponge or cake?

  7. I think the first one might be a glass bead and the second one a foam mattress????

  8. It’s definitely something cheesey right? Now, I’m hungry for some cheese!!

  9. Redcurrant and mashed turnip?


  10. first one I have not idea but the second one a sponge? ooooo yours are difficult!

  11. I thought chinese lantern and mashed carrot and turnip!

  12. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    lid of washing up liquid and sponge

  13. Not sure about the first one – could be a berry but…I think the second could be cooked rice! I won’t sulk when you tell me I’m wrong – honestly!

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