Gloop is a wonderful thing. It’s squidgy and oozy, you can make it into little balls and then let it drip, drop, drip back into the bowl. You can play with it inside on a rainy day or outside in the sunshine. It is messy but washes away effortlessly but is probably best avoided over carpet or soft furnishings!  I cannot help myself, if I make it for the kids my hands are soon in there too, I have been known to push them out of the way so I can have a proper play! We love it.

You can roll it into little balls then let it lie in your hand and it is liquid again oozing between your fingers.

It is dead easy to make. In a large bowl or a deep baking tray mix cornflour with water adding the water slowly and stirring until you get a liquid which feels like a solid if you push it. You’ll know when it’s right and if it goes too far one way just add a bit more of the other – if you get my meaning!

It keeps my kids busy for ages. Little ones like making marks in it; pushing it about with sticks or spoons. They like lifting it up and letting it run and ooze. The older ones like rolling it into balls and piling it up into towers. You can add food colouring to it to jazz it up and glitter to it at Christmas.

Whenever we all sit down and play everybody gets entranced and totally absorbed and we have had some very insightful conversations around the gloop. People chat while they are glooping, they confide and they explain, it is very useful.

Gloop is a liquid and a solid. If you push it, it is a solid, if you let it go it spreads as a liquid. The science behind it is the same as the science which explains how you can walk on custard.

My children have tried to persuade me that it is a good idea to try this out for ourselves in the paddling pool. I have, so far, resisted!

It even dances! We would love to have a go at this but we have to persuade Mr TS that his speakers will survive (never come between a man and his speakers!).


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33 responses to “Gloop

  1. “Gloop, gloop wonderful gloop, there is nothing quite like it for a brilliant blog post!”

  2. Sounds great but I can understand about coming between a man and his speakers, said man doesn’t want to listen to gloop😀 Must try this, worst that can happen is that the smallest puts it in her mouth and cornflour is probably better than some of the things she puts in her mouth!! Jen

  3. Love it! Our children’s centre has messy play on a Monday morning and it’s called Gloop – we love playing in the custard – and getting messy somewhere that we don’t have to clean afterwards!

  4. I’d love to feel it between my toes so when you get the pool sorted, give me a ring!

  5. I want to make Gloop – just so I can say the word gloop all afternoon – I love it!

  6. I want to make Gloop now, but I will wait until my children are up and about tomorrow!!

  7. Red Ted Art

    oooh what gloopy fun! May have to try this this summer.. bet Pip Squeak will try to eat it. Actually Red Ted would probably too!

    Maggy x

  8. I think my two little angels would spread that all over the house, perhaps in a year or two😉

  9. This is hilarious. We are soooo going to do this. I was going to sell 4 speakers at flea-market on Saturday but now it’s gonna be three … ohhhh yeeeeaaah!
    Will feed back. Or L will …. !
    Fab fab fab x

  10. wow it’s like the pink goo in Ghostbusters 2, I love the making it dance video.
    Must go now to play with some gloop🙂

  11. mrsljhall

    I do love gloop! Used to run ‘stay & play’ sessions for local toy library and making gloop was always a favourite – I just LOVE the feel of it. Never made it dance though….. great stuff x

  12. Looks great! Will have to give it a go in the school holidays.

  13. That “dancing” gloop is seriously spooky LOL!

    I love this – used to do it on a tea-tray in the garden with the kids (rather than in the bowl). You can add food colouring too (tiny amounts) to make different colours🙂

  14. WOW! I want to play! (and I’m 40!) xx

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