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As many of you know, last week was a big week in my mothering journey. The Tall One went away for nine days, Bonus Boy had his first school visit prior to starting big school in September and I have run the gamut of emotions.

A big part of being a Mum is this series of little letting-gos as we prepare our children for life in the big wide world but it doesn’t get any easier on the heart-strings as their stride gets longer and they travel further, especially when the past creeps up and taps you on the shoulder.

The Tall One set off on his big adventure with barely a backwards glance. I had stuffed as much food as I could into his backpack along with clothes for all eventualities and he was off for a two centre watersports adventure holiday which would include white water rafting (gulp), gorge jumping (eek) and a canoe descent of the Ardeche River with an overnight bivouac on the river bank (eyes wide open, beating heart) alongside a long list of other dangerous but exciting activities over which I had no control.

So that was FEAR taken care of I would just have to TRUST him to be the sensible chap I had brought him up to be!

After he had left I busied myself  filling the bookshelves Mr TS has just built in the sitting room.

Working my way through boxes I was SURPRISED to find the Michelin guide to campsites in France with a page marked. The page listed the campsite in Brittany where The Tall One was conceived, a coincidence which brought a smile to my face and JOY to my heart!

Bonus Boy’s school visit was preceded with much ANTICIPATION on both our parts and an awful lot of SADNESS on mine. He has been a treasure, a real bonus and a fantastic companion over the last four years; letting him go is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I had to take a lot of forms with me to register him properly and give permission for various things so I decided my normal little bag wasn’t big enough and began emptying out a larger one I hadn’t used for a while. The SURPRISE this time was the handful of Murray Mints I used to suck to stem morning sickness when I was pregnant with him and the schedule for my pregnancy yoga classes! More coincidence, it was turning into quite a week!

Bonus Boy  is very ready to go to school; he is sociable and clever and confident and we walked into the school hand in hand then I stood back and let him dive in while I bravely bought little jumpers, a book bag and a PE sack. I saved my tears until he was safely in bed!

More JOY came my way when The Tall One returned, grinning from ear to ear and allowing me to hug him a lot. Bonus Boy ran into his arms and all was well in our world!

According to Robert Plutchik’s Wheel Of Emotions I have covered six of the eight basic emotions. Leaving out only DISGUST and ANGER.

I rarely experience real ANGER, the jump up and scare you sort, the knock you flat on your back sort and I have never felt it for any of my kids. I’ve been cross plenty of times, frustrated often. I have ground my teeth, I have tried not to swear, I have gone for a good, long walk, I have shouted until I am blue in the face but red, spots before the eyes anger has only ever appeared with difficult adults.

I experienced DISGUST twice this week, once when I was emptying The Tall One’s rucksack of dirty clothes and peach goo from a piece of fruit left just a little too long in the bottom of a bag. The second time was when Bonus Boy informed me he had spiders in his tummy and I discovered two ticks with their heads buried in his tummy button (thank you to all my helpful twitter friends who guided me through that trauma!) If you are of a sensitive disposition do not look at the following photo!

Tick photo by Flickr user John Carelton

This post was written for Tara’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers and Josie’s Writing Workshop at Sleep Is For The Weak. They teamed up to offer a joint challenge this week so do pop over and have a look at some of the other entries!


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53 responses to “The Gallery/Writing Workshop-Emotion

  1. You’ve had quite a week Poppet! I think you should add pride to that little list … you can be proud of your boys for walking in to their new situations with such courage and enthusiasm, but most of all, you can be proud of yourself for being ‘Mum’ enough to allow them to enjoy growing up to the full by letting them go. Well done you. (Great pics of course too!) xxx

  2. Don’t ambush me with tick pictures. I need to be prepared!

    Lovely post. x

  3. It’s interesting how sitting down and thinking of all the emotions that you go through on a typical day or in a typical week can bring up such a range – really makes you realise that life is not all mundane same-old, same-old.
    How long do you still have to wait on the tick question- total was 30 days I think?

    • Yup, 30 days…seems like a looonng time! Most weeks are not quite as roller coaster-y as that one but, yes, every day brings such a range of emotions from me and them. Exhausting!

  4. LOL-funny the things we take pics of these days so we can blog about them.

  5. What a week indeed. Mini is meeting his teacher (she is currently Maxi’s) this afternoon. I am still in denile

  6. Well – whole kit & kabodle here Chris! You’ve run the gauntlet & come up with a great post!

  7. Red Ted Art

    What a fabulous post! Love it! So many emotions that I am yet to face with my two (and hopefully never the last one!!!).

    maggy x

  8. Glad to hear the tick issue is sorted out. Best of luck to bonus boy going to school. I hope the adventure centre trip was fabulous:) Jen

  9. I’m intrigued to know how you solved the tick problem, with my horse I just used to slather them in vaseline so they died and dropped off by themselves – is it the same process for humans?

    Great post🙂

    • I twisted and pulled with tweezers. Apparently they don’t like butter (vaseline would probably have the same effect) but I didn’t find any of it out until afterwards, I just needed to get them out of my poor, crying boy! I dropped them into brandy afetrwards because alcohol kills them, we just had to remember not to have a swig later to calm our nerves!

  10. Spiders in his belly? I’m speechless! LOL

    Love this post. I’ve yet to let my oldest go away on an overnight camp, but have been thinking about football/soccer camp lately. Still just thinking though!

    • I know, I was very impressed with his descriptive powers, he will be guest posting shortly!
      The Tall One has been going away since he was in year 3 but it doesn’t get any easier! In four years time he’ll be gone!

  11. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    Sniff, not done the eldest going away, other than to her cousins, but the other stuff has been on my mind a lot too recently. Apart from the ticks.

    It’s a lovely post, really lovely.

  12. Wow you lead an exciting life. My big one is about to head off to college after the summer and whilst he’s not leaving home, he’s already left us, a little, in the way he’s looking ahead beyond the school boy days he’s now left behind. It makes me emotional too, just thinking about it. Not being centre stage in his life, letting him take up his part in the spotlight. So very hard for a mum, especially for the first time! You have my empathy!

  13. Lots of emotions there🙂
    How on EARTH did I miss the “spiders in tummy” episode? Very P’Tang Yang Kipperbang😀

  14. So relate to this post my lovely! It’s hard when you have two kids at such different stages – you get pulled in so many different directions. I am learning to let go of one but still hanging on to the other for dear life! BTW I have heard of quite a few people recently who have had tic experiences. They are seriously yuck!

    • Yes, and having four of them means I am beginning to look like Stretch Armstrong! The ticks rank high on my list of ‘the worst things I have had to do as a mother’… I may start a meme!

  15. Fantastic post – you’ve certainly run the gamut there. Yuck to the tics. That is so gross.

  16. Lalalalalalala bookshelvesbookshelvesbookshelves lalalala notspidersnotspidersnotspiders lalalalala bookshelves lalalala

    (rocking gently)

    Lovely post. Apart from the unlovely bit.

  17. What a gamut of emotions, a true picture of motherhood! Love your bookshelves. The tick incident sounds horrid.

  18. Wow what a week you had x

  19. Fabulous. You’ve covered everything. Motherhood’s an emotional journey isn’t it!

  20. Oh you brought tears to my eyes- lovely post….nine days? That’s a long time….and your baby going to school….I can’t bear the thought.
    Ticks? Yuk…your poor son, I have never heard of that before. I hope he’s okay now. x

    • We have to watch him for Lymes Disease for 30 days, so far so good but all very traumatic. Nine days was SUCH a long time but he had a fabulous time and came back even more lovely and let me hug him lots which made up for it! x

  21. porridgebrain

    What a week! Soooooooooooo jealous of your bookcases!!!

    I want to spend a weekend exploring it please🙂


  22. Paula

    OMG! Your bookcases! I want them!!

    Obv your family are lovely too, and it’s a great post….ew at the ticks tho – maybe you could write a quick “How to deal with ticks” post jic I ever need to know? xx

  23. I love your post, great use of lots of different ‘types’ of emotions. Very clever. As mums it is possible to feel of those emotions in just one day, isn’t it? I love Bonus Boy, he is the cutest. Spiders in his tummy? I must’ve missed this on Twitter. How does one aquire ticks in ones belly button?……..Seriously. I’m curious.

    • We were walking in long grass in deer country and they must’ve just jumped in there…yuk! they hadn’t really been on my radar, I knew what they were of course but it was a horrible shock!
      Thanks for your lovely comment! x

  24. I actually cried when I read your post. It’s absolutely gorgeous but the emotions you feel when your eldest child goes away on their first residential trip, and when your youngest child starts school are both things that I am already dreading. You write beautifully. Thanks for sharing that with us all.

  25. Oh my goodness! Was nodding and smiling and thinking whether I had ever really been angry with my children. And then you throw a monster into the mix.


    Very glad that’s out. Warn us next time though?!

  26. Jeepers what a week, the letting go thing I am stressing about already and my H doesn’t go to school til Sept 2011! Fab bookshelves by the way! Cx

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