A Moment To Cherish!

Yesterday one of my favourite bits of Summer happened, the first red fruit harvest. Before the day heated up beyond endurance, Bonus Boy and I set off into the garden with a white plastic bowl and a lot of excitement.

The garden is a bit overgrown thanks to the massive downpour a few weeks ago and the blazing sunshine ever since, so we could have used machetes as we approached the raspberry canes. However, Bonus Boy was bold and fearless and struck ahead to find the precious jewels which were to be our reward!

Once he had cleared a path through the undergrowth, frightened off spiders and located the treasure I joined him and we began on the raspberries!

(You can just see him to the right of me, cropping like mad!)

He moved on to the redcurrants and climbed right inside the bush to find the choicest fruit. True to tradition, I don’t think all the berries made it into the bowl!

We had enormous fun gathering in the fruit!

This is him doing a little forager’s dance of victory!

My Beautiful Girl joined us for the strawberry harvest and everyone else miraculously appeared from their beds when it was time to eat!

We will shortly have more raspberries than we can eat and I will start jamming. Last year I made sure we stored one jar and kept it until Christmas. On Christmas morning, we opened it and breathed in the scent of Summer and it was gorgeous!

It really is worth making a bit of space in the garden for a fruit patch. Strawberries grow well in hanging baskets and I have grown redcurrant bushes in pots. The taste of berries warm from the garden and ripened in the sun is a million miles from the taste of forced fruit, out of season, wrapped in plastic and air freighted to supermarket shelves!

I make jam, various cakes and some delicious drinks with the fruit and will post  recipes on here as I start making them. Any other ideas for using up the harvest?


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18 responses to “A Moment To Cherish!

  1. I want a veggie garden! Time to move I think.

  2. Oh that looks fabulous! now I am filled with berry envy, our gooseberry bush was tragically killed by builders (don’t ask) I really should find the space for a new one, or red currants, or some currants of some kind, I love them.

  3. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    You don’t need lots of space, we have a small London garden with cherries, raspberries and strawberries, admittedly, not as many as yours, but it’s still as fun to pick them.

    • My photos give the illusion of an enormous amount of space…it isn’t very big really, I just cram an awful lot in and prefer veg and fruit to flowers! I plant a lot in pots and sacks too, and in old potties, wellies etc!

  4. Our Redcurrents are ready to pick too…should really get on with it, have hundreds of them! OH’s son went up to our allotment yesterday & came round with a big bowl of just picked strawberries for him. TD wants to make strawberry fool with them, but will have to look it up.

  5. Lovely, our strawbs dont make it to a bowl!

  6. *drools* gooseberries are a good one too, they make great jam😀 Jen.

    • I planted a gooseberry bush last year but it came with a gooseberry caterpillar which stripped it and the redcurrant bushes of leaves. I pulled it out in a strop! I think I’ll plant another next year though because I do love them!

  7. The red fruits are my favs of summer! Send some down here if you have a glut!!

  8. Hmm my strawberries are still tiny and green😦 must be a later harvest up here in the north east

  9. That really does look fabulous! Unfortunately I am a kamikaze sort of a gardener who only grows weeds well.

    Of course, if you think of any good #tweettreatable recipes you know where to come…😉

  10. Yummy! Picking berries is so much fun for the little ones isn’t it?

  11. Wow! I may have to evict the fish and dig up the OH pond so I can have huge raspberry canes too, we have raspberry and tayberry but not on that scale, we put on gooseberry last year and have a fair crop on one bush – just a little longer… I have as plum tree on my wish list, wish it was warm enough all summer for nectarines!

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