Pin Art

Remember this?

When my daughter asked for one for Christmas I had no idea how much fun we would all have with it and how much fun we would continue to have long after the baubles were packed away and the fairy lights switched off for another year. This toy is quite simply perfect (no, this post is not sponsored!).

We started with the typical thumbs up, pushed our fists into it, our faces (don’t turn your face up to do this because the pins go up your nose and it’s horrid!), Bonus Boy’s feet (cute) etc but then we moved on.

We started racing off to find objects and taking it in turns to Pin Art them while the others had to try to guess what they were. Some were easy:

Some were more of a challenge! Can you guess what these are?

Then the children decided to experiment with a bit of freehand Pin Art.

And finally, can you guess what this bit of freehand Pin Art represents?

Answers in a comment please!

We got ours from Hawkin’s Bazaar which sends me a catalogue every Christmas and I don’t throw it straight into the recycling because it is fab!

PS  (added on 25/6/10) Clues for the clueless:

The third difficult object is a slightly fishy lost soul

The questionable pin art is the opposite of selfish capitalism

And now (drumroll please) the answers (added on 27/6/10)

The first is a clothes peg, the second is a plug adaptor and the third difficult object which nobody guessed correctly is this:

A sea urchin shell!

The unidentified free hand pin art was my Sensitive Soul’s rendition of the Fair Trade Symbol, well done to Rebecca Brown for getting that one right!


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30 responses to “Pin Art

  1. OK – answers – peg, plug, button & the last one a broken heart?

    Are there prices?! I’ve often wondered about these & how much interest children would get from them but its great to see actual art work!

  2. I really, really want one now….

    The last one looks a bit like a pac-man lol

  3. I think the last one is a skull?

    think the others were a peg, plug and the other looks like either a button, polo or bathplug

  4. Michelle (Utterlyscrummy)

    Fab toy! Fun for the whole family LOL Is the last picture a hedgehog on a rock? Not sure what it could be . . . . .

  5. The first is a peg, the second is an adapter for a plug the third looks like some sort of washer or bead but I am not too sure.

  6. Is it the globe? Looks like lots of fun — my boys have had one but it was plastic and was broke within hours of opening it!

  7. So glad I now know the second one was an adapter – I thought it was a Smiley Face chip (not that I’ve ever served them up of course……ahem….)

    Is the last one someone’s ear?!

  8. well the last one is a fish isn’t it? shark counts as fish too btw!

  9. I had one of those years ago and had endless fun with it. The last one looks like a doughnut🙂

  10. Jamie

    A half-eaten biscuit?

  11. Hmm no idea on third. If not a button or washer am stuck.

    Last one, kind of like a face and hand. Teddy bear or doll?

  12. Last one is a dead pacman

  13. Right still noooo idea on 3rd one. Last one is Fairtrade mark!

  14. Just seen this and though the third was was a broken heart too. I love these pin things and ADORE the Hawkins catalogue😀

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