And The Winner Is…

Thanks to all of you who commented on this post where I reviewed Annie Bell’s latest cookbook. Last night with fanfares and drumrolls and much flourishing of various objects, Bonus Boy stepped up to the hat (Cowboy if you’re interested, the same as Woodie’s in Toy Story) and drew out Trish at Mum’s Gone to… so congratulations to Trish and commiserations to the rest of you.

I hope my review has tickled your taste buds and if you didn’t win go and have a flick through at a bookshop (they can be found on the high street and are a dying breed, please support them!) and purchase a copy!


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7 responses to “And The Winner Is…

  1. well congratulations, and yah boo sucks, now I’ll have to buy it🙂


    Cookbook will be given to my lovely Bear Grylls who is always so possessive of the cooking when we’re camping (okay, hired static caravan with mod-cons).

    Can’t wait to put my feet up with a large G&T and see what he can tempt me with!

  3. I hope you realize you’ve ruined my camping holidays. Now I’ll have to go to 5 star hotels. All your fault, you should accept bribes.

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