Guest Post! The Alternative School Trip!

Here is a guest post by an up and coming young writer. It is the account of our alternative school trip. See here for why she wasn’t in school!

Me and Mum went to the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury to find out about the history of farming in Somerset.

This is the granary, it was used to store oats and barley for animal feed, and wheat for milling it to flour.

In Somerset the four main types of money making crops in Victorian times were apples for cider and animal feed

Peat from the Somerset Levels for making compost

Willow, also from the Levels for basket making and shrimps from the sea, but you know what I think about THAT!

We looked at the farming year from preparing the ground to sowing the seeds and harvesting the crops. This is me with a rather disturbing stuffed horse, YUKKY!

And this is the STUFFED FARMER!

These are some of the farming tools, there is a plough, a grindstone and a bean drill among other things.

Somerset is also famous for cheese making, especially CHEDDAR! My brother's favourite. Actually his favourite cheese is any cheese!

Here is the dairy where they made butter and cheese

Here I am looking at aVictorian kitchen. I really liked the sugar cutter, Mum loved the bread making machine!

This is the pantry, it has food in it.There is an orange tin on the top shelf, it's a biscuit tin! Yummy! There are eggs and knives and pots and pans and a sugar loaf (now I see why the sugar cutter was needed!)

Outside there is an orchard with rare types of apple trees and in the orchard there was... A MAGNIFICENT CHICKEN!

I learnt a lot about how farming has changed  over the past hundred years or so and was very interested in seeing some of the equipment used to grow food. We saw lots more than this and took loads of piccies (and had lovely cake) but I can’t put any more in here because I need to go and read!


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28 responses to “Guest Post! The Alternative School Trip!

  1. Lovely post it looks like a great place my daughter would enjoy too!

  2. Great photos, looks like a great day out:)

  3. Love the photos. It looks like you had a great day and with the added bonus of cake – which maybe you wouldn’t have got on the school trip😉

    Well done for taking over the blog too – very brave.

  4. Great photos. Looks like you had a great day and with the added bonus of cake, which I bet those going to the pig farm didn’t get.😉

  5. mrsljhall

    What a great post, you’ve made that place sound great! Have you thought about emailing them a link to the blog, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

    I think your brother has great taste in cheese – ‘anykindofcheese’ is my favourite too!

    Lisa xx

  6. Ooo- that looks like a very interesting museum. I like the pictures and a day out is all the better when there is cake involved too.😀

  7. Red Ted Art

    oooh. the last photo got me! What a magnificent chicken! x

  8. What a fab looking place. Sounds like you had a great day.

  9. Hi! You know, I think you just might be a natural blogger … this was very, very good … and had me clicking on pictures to blow them up so I could get a better view of the facinating things you were talking about. That horse is truly amazing! I would not have guessed it wasn’t real if you hadn’t mentioned it. You really brought the place to life … and I now have it on my list of things to see if I ever visit the area with my little son. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope your school is proud of you cos I know your Mum is🙂
    MJM xx

  10. Well done hun, you’ve done so well. It take some guts to stand up for what you believe in. Excellent job xx (NB/Your Mum is really cool. She’s really proud of you and I can see why!)

  11. I knew you’d have a fab day! So glad you celebrated with cake as well! She will have her own blog soon!

  12. I read this last night and I thought it was fab. So a day off school also was an education. Wonder if she learnt from than her friends that day. Good post btw.

  13. What a great blog post! Well done to you, so pleased you had a fun alternative school trip and yes, that horse is very disturbing isn’t it? Incredibly lifelike!

    Chris – who’s worried now about the new generation ‘takeover bid’?!


  14. Looks really intersting, one day I must take the boys

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