Gee But It’s Great To Be Back Home!

Following on from my ‘5 Top Tips For Packing To Camp’, here are my 5 things it is wonderful to come home to!

1. A clean comfortable bed which doesn’t deflate during the night, isn’t enclosed by nylon sheeting and is in a room with storage for my clothes.

2. A toilet which is five steps from my bedroom rather than five minutes which means when I get there I still want to go. Also I can, occasionally, go to it on my own without a four-year old in tow, it doesn’t contain enormous May Bugs aka Cockchafers, which look an awful lot like cockroaches

and my children generally get their used toilet roll into the loo rather than dropping it on the floor.

3. My kitchen with its five ring, gigantic ovened cooker, dishwasher, fridge and freezer which mean easily cooked food, salad which is chilled, butter that spreads rather than pours, dishes which wash themselves (actually, I had that camping as I refuse to wash up and cook!), a kettle which boils instantly and an array of gadgets to please my soul.

4. Privacy. Camping is very public, especially in a tent, especially when someone leaves the flap open when I am standing there wearing only a pair of knickers. At home I can find a bit of space to myself. I can get dressed alone (this a recent thing and something which I enjoy, Bonus Boy used to be obsessed with my belly and would nuzzle like mad if ever it were exposed which made getting dressed very difficult. He still does it if allowed!).

I can usually get into the bathroom without anyone seeing my bed hair and bleary eyes and I don’t have to tramp across a campsite with sunglasses and a hat on at 7am running the gauntlet of the caravaners who have running water and mirrors in their gleaming abodes. I can sit in my sitting room without having to hold a banal conversation with the (very nice) people from Birmingham who are camped next door and I don’t have to spend all my time avoiding making eye contact  to avoid making conversation.

5. Peace. I love my children. I love spending time with them and camping is fabulous for family bonding but it is very nice to get home and to have the occasional five minutes peace while they watch TV or read in their bedrooms.

We had a fantastic time, we did some wonderful things and we really enjoyed being together but it is very nice to be back home. Just for a little while I am going to remember to appreciate the little things which make life easy!

Like listening to my choice of music rather than the caravan club outing’s dodgy taste in 80s music (I mean…Eye of the Tiger?…Pleeaase!)

picture by Flickr user Frogmum


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19 responses to “Gee But It’s Great To Be Back Home!

  1. Cock chafers?!! Are they really called that? Or am I just being gullible with a capital G?

  2. I enjoy going on holiday but love coming home to my own bed, Twinings everyday tea and even a washing machine. Does that make me sad?

  3. You had me at Garfunkel….good to have you back Chris and happy to hear you had a good time. Point 4 made me laugh out loud – you in your knickers with the tent flapping open…reminds me of being in public toilets and the 3yo deciding to leave the cubicle while I’m mid-wee – not good! xx

  4. So glad you had a good time Chris. Know exactly what you mean about toilets, noise & privacy that’s why we always stay b&b! We’re heading home Monday so will compare lists Tuesday!

  5. What’s wrong with Eye of the Tiger??

  6. We go camping a lot and all your comments are spot on! It is soooo great to be home afterwards. The communal living is very hard work after a few days. Well done you for getting through the week.

  7. Definitely the bed. Nothing like your own bed.

  8. parklover

    Ha! I quite fancy having a go at camping but OH flat refuses. I won’t show him this blogpost, as it would make him even more anti camping!
    I remember going on long walks with my dad, staying in “basic” youth hostels and being amazed at how luxurious sitting on a sofa felt when we got home!

  9. The privacy thing is my main reason for being a little reticent about the whole camping experience. Oh, that and COCKCHAFERS?? Where did you go – Mexico?!

  10. veryanniemary

    Ummm, I like Eye of the Tiger. There I said it. My kids’ PE teacher loves eye of the tiger too! They don’t – enough said..

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