The Gallery-Friendship

My gallery post a few weeks ago explained why we call our youngest child Bonus Boy and outlined my unnecessary worries when I found out that I was pregnant with him.

When we told our older children that I was unexpectedly expecting, our eldest was unimpressed and a little unhappy. He thought it would change our family. He was right!

The friendship which has grown up between him and his youngest sibling is a wonderful thing. I would recommend that any family with teenagers and pre-teens should also contain a toddler/pre-schooler. It is very hard to stay in a teenage grump when a 4 year old wants to play!

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This post is for week 13 of The Gallery at Sticky Fingers


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44 responses to “The Gallery-Friendship

  1. Red Ted Art

    How Lovely!!🙂

  2. You clever girl – a moving one! Lovely to see your boys together!

  3. Jo

    That is a really gorgeous post. They look so happy.

    I’ve got a brother who is 12 years younger than me, and you’re right it is a special relationship.

  4. gorgeous photos, lovely to see them together like this🙂 Jen

  5. my brother is 10 years younger than me, and it has been great. So much fun for all of us! Lovely photos of the boys too, something special about brothers. x

  6. This is a wonderful post, how brilliant.

    I want my boys to be freinds, to enjoy and cherish each other

    • Thank is the cherishing that’s important, you are right! (this is the first time you haven’t been dumped into spam, think wordpress finally worked out you are ok!)

  7. That’s lovely. What is the age gap? My teen has lots of time for the toddler too. :0)

  8. That’s really touching. I have 20 years between my first born and my twins and sadly he lives in Italy so they don’t see each other a lot but when they do it’s a joy to watch them all play together once the girls have relaxed.

  9. Isn’t that lovely. There’s six years between my oldest and youngest and they get on like a house on fire. Do you think it’s a oldest-youngest thing or the age difference?

  10. There is something so special about a family which is interactive and which can function in different constellations.
    Gorgeous photos x

  11. Greenie01

    Lovely post, your boys are gorgeous.

    It’s lovely when siblings get on so well. My girls are very close but they’re only two and half years apart. Often you get sibling rivalry with that age gap but thankfully that’s never been the case. x

    • Thank you, they are! DS1 and DS2 are only 19 months apart but thankfully they are really good mates. There are occasional spats between all of the children, it would be a miracle if there weren’t, but they like each other so it’s over quickly. Family is a good practice ground for spatting I think!

  12. elleonthego

    That is so sweet!
    I’m lucky with my two, 10 and 5, they adore each other.
    Somebody once asked me what the best age difference is between siblings.
    There isn’t one, I think it just works or it doesn’t, depending on individual characters.
    You made me smile, thank you!

  13. Fantastic! There is 8 and 10 years between me and my youngest siblings and it hasn’t stopped us being close x

  14. Oh you are so lucky – they are so lucky – my 13yo and 4yo just cannot occupy the same space without fighting!

  15. Your ‘Bonus Boy’ is actually edible ;0) My Boys best friend is also a Bonus Boy, his siblings are 8 and 10 years older than him. He wasn’t planned, but I feel he was always meant to be as his parents very sadly lost a baby boy at term years before. His siblings utterly adore him and I’m sure they are are the reason he walked and talked months before my boy did even though he is five weeks older. Xx

    • Aw, that’s a lovely bitter-sweet story. I do feel BB was waiting somewhere and that he was absolutely meant to be…and,yes, he is edible! He likes us to pretend to eat him with a large wooden salad server and we can’t resist!

  16. “It is very hard to stay in a teenage grump when a 4 year old wants to play!”

    I would also think it’s a real education for a teenager to see the ins and outs of parenting so close at hand, and so rewarding.

  17. aww, that’s lovely. brothers and sisters are very special people🙂

  18. What a beautiful selection of photo’s.

  19. I absolutely agree. Love your post and photos!

  20. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    Absolutely gorgeous! You are very clever. Sometimes unexpected surprises turn out to be the best things of all.

  21. What a great collection of pictures😀

  22. It’s great to see that a bigger age gap does not mean the boys don’t get along, great pictures😉

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