Guest Post-It’s Really Rachel!

If you are looking for me I am off guest posting today at Really Rachel and she is here doing a stint on Thinly Spread!

Rachel is a freelance writer and Mummy to two little girls . She also runs which provides a writing service for anyone who is lost for words! Busy lady.

I am delighted to be showcasing her writing here. When you have read her piece pop over to her place and read mine and have a look at some of her other stuff while you’re there!

Partying with Picasso

Children’s birthday parties.  They secretly fill me with dread.  We receive an invitation and I’m all “Ooh, thank you very much!  FP will love that!  Of course we can come!” but, inside, I’m dreading that there will be over-excited children and food everywhere.  There might be mess and shouting and boisterous activities…

I do take FP to parties, though, despite my instinct to run away decline politely.  I realise that I have to relax and let my daughter have the party experience.  So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

This weekend, we went to an excellent party.  The blueprint for future three-year-old birthday bashes, I hope.  There was playing, relaxing, dancing, games and food.  Nobody was too messy, loud or boisterous and we all had a great time.

The highlight, for me, was a “pin the tail on the donkey” equivalent.  I think this version could best be called, “pin the features on the daddy” although it wasn’t pinning, it was blutak and it wasn’t actually onto the daddy, just onto a picture of the daddy.  (Come to think of it, pinning the features onto the actual daddy might have been a hilarious game.   But I digress).

The hostess had drawn a picture of the birthday girl’s daddy, with certain features missing.  Party-goers had to wear a blindfold (in theory) and attach daddy’s nose, ears, eyebrows etc.  Bear in mind that the party-goers were all around three years old.

The first contestant wore the blindfold and positioned daddy’s moustache in mid-air above his head.  When she took the blindfold off and saw what she had done, she was most anxious to correct her mistake and insisted on repositioning the moustache.  Between his eyes.

Subsequent contestants did not want to wear the blindfold at all.  Never mind: the lack of blindfolding did not detract from the amusement – if anything, it added to it.  Even with a fully functioning sense of sight, the three-year-olds found it impossible to stick any of daddy’s features in the right place.  Ears were where his nose should be, glasses were nowhere near the eyes and I saw FP earnestly positioning a bow-tie on his chin.

I don’t know what the children made of that particular game.  Each child took their turn with utmost concentration and care.  I don’t think they understood the humour but that didn’t matter.

The result was a piece of artwork that resembled a Picasso, with features incongruous and askew.  The children seemed unconcerned about their wildly inaccurate representation of the hapless host.  It was an artist’s impression of a man whose party you might think twice about attending.

“An invitation!  How lovely!  But oh dear – we’re terribly busy that day.”  Run away!

Image from Flickr


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9 responses to “Guest Post-It’s Really Rachel!

  1. My son was born towards the end of August so happily most of his friends were away on holiday so I only had to provide a couple of parties early on. He was never that keen on going to parties. I have lots of sympathy with parents these days because parties seem to be getting bigger & bigger – almost a ‘keeping up with the jones’ thing going on!

  2. How rude of me —welcome to Thinly Spread!

  3. I only have to do party’s for Maci as mini is a summer baby, but I do creative at home ones. I love this idea and ill be using it for one in the future

  4. Thanks so much for having me, Chris, and for your excellent post over at mine.

    Jfb57 – Thanks for the lovely welcome! Re parties: Yes, I think there is probably a tendency to overdo it. Ridiculous when you think how much fun children can have for free!

    TheMadHouse – It was fun! The children also loved doing ‘groovy moves’ to some music and then, when the music stopped, pretending to be an animal. Much laughter all round.

  5. The parties I give tend to start well, but they do seem to end rather wild. To counter this, I now only ever do 1.5 hours, and for the last 10 minutes, I put on boppy music, tell the kids it’s a dancing competition, and let them dance around. It’s controlled wildness, and then when the parents come to collect them, it looks like they’re all having huge fun (I know you’re not at the stage where you leave the child and come back later, so that probably seems like a huge deal!)

    • That last 10 minutes is so important isn’t it?! If you can get hold of a supply of bubble wrap and allow them to dance on it and pop it it keeps them very well entertained!

  6. hello Rachel – great post!

    we once did pin the horn on the unicorn for a prince & princess party.

    I’ve tried various combos of parties and now glad dd is OK with small things like home movie parties, ds had fewer parties as I’m skint these days… he will be visting thomas the tank engine 4 his 4th…

  7. Iota – 10 mins of bobby dancing sounds good.

    Becky – Ooh, Thomas! Great!

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