The Gallery-Self Portrait (aghhhh!)

Tara at Sticky Fingers set us such a difficult one this week! Self Portrait, I nearly ran away completely! But then I had a bit of a think. She’s right, there are very few pictures of me these days. There are a few of me with the children, one or two of me and my husband but I struggled to find any of me, on my own, just me. I am behind the camera, recording the goings on at the Thinly Spreads and I’m happy there.

If a camera is pointed at me I hide, behind dark glasses or behind a child. I am not completely comfortable with my face as it ages and being confronted by it, frozen by the camera can be quite horrible really!

However, I have become very fond of many of my bloggy friends and they have been bold enough to show their faces. So it seems only fair that I do the same. I decided not to trawl through old photos to cherry pick but to take this literally and show you a self-portrait of me…today..this morning…half an hour ago… taken by me.

Takes deep breath…Hello, this is me!

Hiding behind the camera (standing in my bedroom amongst the piles of washing I am supposed to be sorting, the pointy black thing to the left is my daughter’s witch hat from the ballet she was in a month ago…I am not tidy, this is an honest self-portrait!)

Still hiding just a bit, peeping at you now!

Hello! (I’m still hiding just a bit, maybe I’ll be brave enough to take my glasses off soon!)


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61 responses to “The Gallery-Self Portrait (aghhhh!)

  1. you look gorgeous and happy. Lovely pictures!

  2. Wow! What a beauty! So glad to meet ‘you’ at last! Well done brave person!

  3. Beautiful photo. I absolutely love your hair, have always wanted curly hair like yours. I bet it’s natural too!

    CJ xx

  4. You are v brave but so you should be – beautiful pictures xx

  5. Seriously, why are you hiding my friend? I’m not just saying this to make you feel better and because I ‘made’ you do this (!!)
    Hello. Really really great to ‘see’ you x

    • Thanks lovely, I am actually really glad you ‘made’ me do it. I was surprised how few photos of me there are for my kids and it saddened me a bit. Food for thought. Also, everyone has been so kind I am now on a massive high…we do become very invisible as we get older and people stop saying nice things and just tell you you look tired!

  6. You look gorgeous and fab in those jeans. You should use the last one on Twitter. It’s lovely.

  7. Hey Christine your gorgeous! No need to be hiding behind the camera. Aging sucks (I hear ya) but you have no need to worry. Your face is lit up by a very welcoming smile. Hx

  8. Amazing bod post 4 babies, lady! That’s what I thought when I saw those photos.

  9. You really should be in front of the camera more…you’re lovely. I love the gradual reveal as well!🙂 Nice mounds of clothes too! Makes me feel better!😉


    • Thankyou, what a kind comment! The piles will get higher and higher as the week progresses(the tide comes in), I will sort properly at the weekend and distribute (the tide goes out) and then it will start mounting up all over again! I can, generally ignore them now although I have occasionally tripped over a trouser leg/jumper/pair of knickers making my way to the loo in the dark!

  10. It is so seriously fab to see that someone else is a bit on the untidy side, *sighs with relief* I have images in my head of all the blogging Mum’s being totally in control of every aspect of their lives including shiny pristine houses, I tell myself it’s not a junk yard here just a bit lived in, my excuse for being totally hopeless at house keeping! Thanks!🙂

  11. Gorgeous, and what lovely hair you have. I also have to agree with kailexness, so glad I am not the only untidy one! There are more people like me, there are much more important things to do, like blog rather than tidy! xx

  12. I have no idea why you’re camera shy – you’re gorgeous!

  13. You missus, are stunning.

    Wow. Don’t you dare hide that beautiful face away again.

    Oh, and I want your lips.

    That is all.


    • Thank you, very, very much! I am feeling bloody fantastic…I refuse to be invisible anymore! (til next time!) I thought my mouth looked a bit odd on that last one..bit lemon lipped! x

  14. I’m impressed with the music on the stand behind you, too… but can’t quite make out what it is!

    • It’s trumpet music Concert Rondo by Mozart. OH and DS2 play trumpet and our bedroom is the practice room. DD plays flute (in her room), piano (downstairs) and DD1 plays violin and electric guitar (in his room)…it gets quite noisy…especially when DS3 joins in on pans!

  15. Hi Chris, I think you’re lovely and so slim!! Why shine your light under a bushel? I’m relieved also that your house looks a bit like mine. I’m woefully untidy. x

  16. parklover

    Oo, hello! Lovely picture of lovely, smiley you.

  17. Love these photos and love your untidiness :))

  18. Lovely, lovely picture of you. So nice to see you. And the music stand looks interesting.

    • Thank you! It’s trumpet music, OH and DS2 play…I have had to tell them not to empty the spit out over the floor which IS clean washing! They’re doing it into the tomato plant pots on the window sill now, caught them at it last night!

  19. Why you were worried, I have NO idea. You are lovely.

    • Thank you! I think we look at ourselves and see all the bits that have sagged and wrinkled and don’t see the overall picture, this post has made me look again and actually I quite like what I see (today!)

  20. Great tension building, didn’t know if you would do it or not:) Well done and fab photos, you are a bit of a babe girl😀 Jen.

  21. Liz

    That is a fantastic photo!! x

  22. Ah, another ‘slow reveal’ entry! Great minds think alike. ‘Hello there, nice to meet you’ lovely lady! Lovely warm, twinkly, smily eyes you have.

  23. Stunning! Love your hair — those curls are amazing! Lovely, lovely, lovely to meet you.

    • Brilliant blog! I love it. saw your name on twitter via @kailexness this morning and decided to follow. This is a great blog and boy am I glad to see a normal Mother….the clothes!!! I will be visiting again. Have a great day
      Regards Cindy
      p.s. I’ll join your Slut Society if you set it up🙂 and
      p.s.s. I agree the other readers, you are quite lovely and have fab hair…I am envious.

  24. Love the ‘reveal’ Chris and you are every bit as gorgeous in the flesh as online….lovely to see the real you xxx

  25. Don’t hide ever again! You are beautiful! A cheeky smile:-)

  26. mrsljhall

    You are very pretty and have a fantastic figure. My hair is just as curly and I am just as messy but you beat my hands down on the first two! No more hiding for you! xx

  27. Finally made it in … sorry late visitor today (crazy Wednesday!) but whey hey hey Mama I’ll never be rude to you again . Ever. Not now I’ve seen your face without the shades (*uncrosses fingers*).
    Gorgeously natural, with one hellava twinkle. That figures, sparkly lady. Super to have met you at last.
    MJM xx
    PS I could be the chairperson for your Slut Society. Although I like to refer to my place as ‘lived in’ … ! (can I get away with that??!) x

  28. Wow, you are really a handsome woman.
    Even your clutter looks funky!

  29. great photos, you so shouldn’t be hiding. also? I love the fact that it isn’t just me who has piles of washing everywhere🙂

  30. Nice to meet you and thanks for letting me see your laundry-glad am not the only one lol!

  31. You are beautiful, very pleased to meet you and so many other bloggers this week

  32. Change your avatar right now – get those dark glasses off – that is a wonderful photo – you’re gorgeous, your hair is stunning and … oh you get the picture. You will do more of this now won’t you? It’s funny, once you start you can’t stop – there’s always a better photo, a brighter one, a different one🙂

  33. great pics of you – stop hiding !!!

  34. When I first saw the piles of clothes I thought you had been trying to decide what to wear for your photograph!! I did laugh when you explained it was just dirty washing.
    You must be feeling great after all the fabulous comments – aren’t the blogging community an inspiring supportive bunch?
    Lovely to see you xx

  35. So lovely to see you – and, as someone who has always suffered from poker-straight hair, can I just say WOW, I adore your curls!

  36. Wow, look at your beautiful hair. I have always wanted to have mine curly🙂

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